The Client List Review: The Guilt Trip

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Riley's guilt drove her crazy on "Heaven's Just a Sin Away."

Of course, we knew it would once we learned that she had never slept with anyone but Kyle (really, does anyone else find that to be extremely odd??), yet she's treating the situation as if she picked up a dude on Hooker's Point and did it in the back seat of a '79 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Hardly.

Riley Searches for Answers

Frankly, giving handies for small tips and doing the big deed with a lovely man who treats you like gold for $50 grand seems like a step up to me. I'd be pleased with myself for making the transition from trash to a gentleman. Could Riley really have her head buried in the sand so far about what she does every day at The Rub?

With Kyle out of jail, he's walking in and out of the house and even staying at Evan's place. He's pissed at Evan for being there for Riley and "being the father of his children" and trying to steal his wife, but I have yet to recall him explaining himself and why he walked out on Riley in the first place.

Did I miss his apology? Not just a flip oh-I-screwed-up type apology, but a real, deep and intelligible apology when he explains just what the hell he was thinking when he walked out that door and left her alone with NOTHING for over a year. I can't figure out what gave him the right to waltz back in and act like he deserved any respect whatsoever.

Nor could I determine why Riley was so willing to accept that Kyle could come and go as he pleased, commit felonies in the process and not have to explain anything because of a drug habit, but she felt the need to be riding the guilt train into the ground. 

When they went to the church counselor I couldn't believe she blurted out that she slept with someone. Or that Kyle was surprised. What did he think she was going to do while he was gone? He didn't even have details before he got up and walked away.

I guess the bottom line is I want The Client List to be about The Client List. Kyle being back in the picture is a drag. I don't trust him and he has exceptions for others that he doesn't have for himself. It's an ugly combination and Riley's going to get hurt again.

Since everybody has to have a kink in their happy ending, shortly after Harold proposed to Georgia in front of their entire church, some scumbag showed up to the club to offer an extra $200K for The Rub over what Riley is offering and made it seem if she didn't take his offer he'd make sure Harold knew details about The Rub she didn't want let out.

Watching The Client List can sure leave a sour taste in your mouth sometimes. There is a lot of back stabbing and people out to hurt others just for the sake of hurting them. To top it off, there weren't even any great Client List quotes this week. Phooey.

Heaven's Just a Sin Away Review

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