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Riley tries to let Kyle back into her life now that he's been released from prison.

Selena is married and is served divorce papers.

Selena and her husband were co-owners of a horse and he showed up because his friend said he ran into her and she had money.

Lacey gets very angry with Dale for inviting Kyle to play with The Ring Pops.

Evan tells Lacey he's seeing Shelby.

Riley goes to see Linette at rehab.

Everyone goes to Hals to see Kyle play.

Riley and Kyle dance.

Kyle moves out of Evan's.

Selena's ex is a complete ass.


The Client List
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The Client List Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

You know, I'm not saying that I have any right or that it's even logical, but the thought of you with another man destroys me.


I'm taking the potato salad. You just gave me stress hunger.