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Riley helps a client stay calm as a date with the girl of his dreams looms near.

Kyle wants to do something nice for Riley by taking her on a daytime date.

Evan and Shelby are moving full steam ahead.

Nikki bought one of Selena's bags.

Kyle takes Riley horseback riding.

Lacey is attacked at Riley's.

Lacey reveals that she's pregnant.

Derek and Nikki try being fun buddies.

Nikki and Selena fight over Derek.

Lacey loses her baby and Riley goes after the man who attacked her.

Evan gets angry at needing to protect Riley and realizes how much he wants Shelby.

Kyle threatens the construction company that was after him to leave them alone.

Riley says she needs Kyle to be safe.

Riley goes to the farm to check on the list. Someone was spying on her.

The Client List
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The Client List Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Lacey: I think it's supposed to be romantic.
Riley: Frankly, my dear Lacey, I do give a damn.

Yeah, keep dreamin'. I've been in over ten weddings and I know an ugly ass bridesmaids' dress when I see one.