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Principal Reynolds calls Darlene. Mark is getting three days detention for violating the school’s PDA policy. He and Austin were seen kissing in the lunch line. At the meeting with the principal, Mark is crushed when Austin claims Mark kissed him and he doesn’t like him because he’s not gay. Austin is obviously being pushed to say this by his homophobic grandmother. 

Later at home, Mark is angry at Darlene and David for always telling him to be himself if this is what it gets him. Darlene says he has every right to be angry at Austin and his grandmother, and it’s not fair. David tells him that it’s amazing that he knows himself so well at this age but it might be lonely until the other kids catch up. 

Ben is worried about Darlene and thinks she should see a therapist. Darlene and David are still sneaking around but David doesn’t know she’s still seeing Ben. When David wants to tell the kids they are back together, Darlene says they need to see a therapist first. 

Becky feels like a bad mother because she can’t product breast milk for baby Bev, and when she does pump some milk she spills it on the floor. She thinks the baby will never love her. Dan relates all of the horrible things he and Roseanne did when Becky was a baby to reassure her that that isn’t true.


The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

David: I saw your father go in the garage with a platter of meat; he’s not coming out ’till spring.
Darlene: No! It’s half vegan, we’ve got like two minutes until he hits broccoli and comes screaming out of there.

Mark: I guess he’s my boyfriend. When we found out that they were going to start serving personal pizzas at lunch we got so excited that we kissed.
Dan: I get that.