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On this week's installment...

- Pete takes on the case of “Black Betty.” She is accused of killing her boyfriend and stealing his silver.

- Nick doesn’t want to take on the case but goes along with Pete anyway.

- Unfortunately, Betty is being tried at the same time as her “boy toy” accomplice. Nick and Pete don’t want to work with the other lawyer because he is incompetent.

- Nick and Pete devise a way for the other lawyer to create a mistrial, despite DA Cole’s protests.

- Cole argues that Betty stole the money and Nick explains the money was hers.

- Betty’s lover testifies against her, even though she though that he wouldn’t lie.

- Nick brings in the sofa to reveal that the boyfriend, after taking a multitude of drugs, suffocated himself after he fell asleep.

- Betty is found not guilty of murder and theft. However she is convicted of petty larceny.

- Betty gives the lawyers Liberace’s piano and the two fight over it before Nick sits down and sings.

The Defenders
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The Defenders Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Step away from the baby grand, baby.


Nick: We're not taking this case.
Pete: We just did.
Nick: We're not taking this case.
Pete: We just did.
Nick: Well then I invoke my power to veto.
Pete: Oh, ok, well according to Morelli/Kaczmerek rules, we're each allowed 5 vetoes per year and you my friend, have already used up your 5, plus 2 I gave you gratis.
Nick: I don't care.