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On the news, it tells the general public that  Michael Buchanan died.  

Blake meets with the President and tells him that they should meet with Michael and interview him on what he knows.

Michael tries to tell the President that he didn’t have a choice. He tells the President that he almost didn’t go through with it and the time he got the go ahead was at 1:08pm.

The Vice President tries to gain access to the conversation that Michael Buchanan had with the President, but access was denied.

The time flashes to one hour before the assassination attempt. The Vice President makes a call to go ahead with the assassination attempt.

Sean and Leila are being chased by a man who shoots at them. They are able to escape, but Sean is hurt. Leila takes them to a hospital where they kidnap a doctor.

Blake meets with the President and he tells the President that Agent Lee is feeling better and out of ICU. The President tells Blake that someone inside their inner circle put the hit on him and he needs Blake’s help to find out who it was.

Blake figures out that it’s Raymond, but he’s not the leader who put this together. Blake reassures the President that the best thing to do is wait, but the President is too mad and storms into Raymond’s office. He isn’t there and his secretary doesn’t know where he went.

The time flashes to two years before and Raymond is giving a speech for the President. After the speech Raymond and James meet for the first time. James convinces Raymond to run with Martinez.

Leila gets to a local pharmacy with the doctor. They are able to get all the stuff they need, but when they get back to the car, Sean is missing.  They find him in the back ally. The doctor tells Leila that they must perform surgery on him right away.

Roberts gets to James’s house and he questions her about how Sean and Leila were able to get away. James tells Roberts that her next target is Raymond.

Raymond gets to his doctors office where he is able to escape. When he gets there, Roberts is waiting for him. Instead of killing Raymond, she kills the other assassin.
Raymond is in the back of the stairwell when he calls the President. He tells the President that a very powerful man was in charge of the whole operation.

James gets a call that tells him they had to go through with the backup plan. That Roberts didn’t go through with the assassination.

James takes a couple drops and looks in the mirror. His face becomes young for a second and then goes back to being old.

The Event
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The Event Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

We are closing the facility in two hours.


Michael: You don't know how sorry I am sir, but you have to believe me, I didn't have a choice.
Martinez: Oh, everyone has a choice.