The Event Review: "For the Good of Our Country"

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Thomas and Sophia were surprisingly missing in this week's episode, "For the Good of Our Country."

But it's okay because The Event was still able to bring all the action and suspense that I've come to love about this show.

The Ticket

We learn that the government is trying to cover up what happened aboard that plane to great lengths. Even saying that Michael Buchanan is dead.

Random thoughts: What will happen if Michael is able to escape? Would the government issue him a new identity or do you think they'd rather him be killed to cover their tracks?

The President meets with Michael and finds out that he got the go ahead around 1:08 p.m. to fly the plane. This is the first clue that lets the President know there are greater forces out there working against him.

Did anyone suspect that it was the Vice President that was in on it? Since his character has sort of been in the background, I had a feeling that he could have been up to no good. Not only do we learn that Raymond is a spineless VP, but he is taking orders from James.

Who is James? What makes him so powerful? What in the heck do you think is in those drops he takes? So many questions and not enough answers. Either the drops help keep him young, or help make him look old. What do you think?

James is a pretty smart man. He knew instantly that Vicky wouldn't go through with his order. Now what's a girl to do? The President know that someone out there has the means and power to try to assassin him and get away with it. But, nothing more.

Hopefully, Raymond is not dead and, with Blake's help, Martinez will be able to put the pieces together and find out who James really is.

Elsewhere, Leila and Sean had a pretty intense storyline this week. While trying to get away, Sean gets shot. Leila is able to hijack a car by using a screwdriver as a key. Could this really work? Doubtful. But it did make for a sweet getaway scene.

With Sean in critical condition, Leila rushes him to the hospital. I thought she was stupid enough to rush him into the ER... so I must give Leila props for kidnapping a doctor. Way to use her brain on that one.

It was a pretty intense scene watching the doctor and Leila go into the drug store to buy the items they needed to fix Sean up. I really felt like something bad was going to go down; especially when the two cops walked in. But all is well and now Sean will live to fight another day.

We still don't know what they are going to do to Leila's sister. Hopefully, next week we will learn a bit more about the strange reason why all those young girls look to be 70.

I find it hard to believe there's so much criticism regarding this show. The Event proves itself each week as being a series unlike any other. I'd take it over a redundant crime scene investigation any day. 

For the Good of Our Country Review

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The Event Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

We are closing the facility in two hours.


Michael: You don't know how sorry I am sir, but you have to believe me, I didn't have a choice.
Martinez: Oh, everyone has a choice.