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Erin picks up Sophia and Thomas. They tell Erin to go find out what happened to Lee. Sophia has a talk with Thomas and tells him that he needs to follow her orders. He apologizes to her mother.

Blake informs the President that there is an informant on his team. The President is not thrilled to find out and threatens Blake to find the mole. The agent that Lee puts in the car escapes and informs the team that Lee is the mole.

14 years early, Blake is at home with his girlfriend, Laura.  He gets a call to meet with his father.  His father tells him that his girlfriend is a Russian operative spy. Blake is dumbfounded. His father tells him to bring her there that night.

When Blake gets back home, he confronts his girlfriend. Before he knows it, Laura is trying to escape. Blake’s father comes out of the bushes and kills her.

Sean and Leila believe the reporter when she tells them everything that she knows. She finds a page in Michael’s ledger that has a list with a bunch of numbers on it. Sean tells them that he can crack the code.

Madeline takes them to a trusted place where they can crack the code.  Sean and Leila talk about the possibility that Samantha may be dead.

Blake believes that Lee may not only be a mole, but a sleeper. He orders blood tests to find out the truth.

The list that Leila and Sean have contain a bunch of young girl manes who all disappeared around the same age as Samantha. They barely escape by blowing up the building they were in.

Lee wakes up to find Blake sitting in his room. Blake informs Lee that he is human and Murphy is the mole.

Thomas informs Sophia that Lee is okay. He also may have a way into the nuclear facilities to get the ingredients they need to open the porthole and go back to where they’ve come from.

Samantha gets brought into a room where a bunch of girls have somehow been transformed in the face to old ladies.

The Event
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The Event Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

How many of our men were in the building? How many?

The President

Sophia: Do you have any idea how many innocent lives you just took?
Thomas: They weren't innocent. They were armed men hunting us down.