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The Finder makes its debut after being introduced as part of a Season 6 Bones episode. This time, Walter, Leo and Isabel are flying solo!

In the episode, we were introduced to Walter Sherman, a Desert Storm vet who suffered an injury that resulted in a miraculous talent for finding things.

We were also introduced to Isabel Zambada, a US Marshall with a no doubt complicated relationship with Walter, and Willa Monday, a teen convict court-ordered to work at Walter’s bar, Ends of The Earth, as well as his right-hand man, Leo.

A young man named Cooper enlists Walter’s help to locate his father who went missing when his plane went down while on a mission to Haiti. Walter and Leo quickly discover there was more at play than they anticipated, but that doesn’t stop them from finding the location of the downed plane and a message for the son left behind.


The Finder
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The Finder Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Cooper: Sure is a lot of action out here
Leo: Not for Walter it isn't.

I do NOT appreciate the ocean. I tend to sink.