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On this week's episode of The Firm...

10 years ago:
Mitch McDeere gave the FBI enough information to bring down the firm that he worked for in Memphis: Bendini, Lambert & Locke. Unfortunately, the FBI took that info and dug deep enough to connect it to the Mob and put Joey Morolto behind bars, despite Mitch agreeing to Morolto to not connect him.

Morolto puts out a hit contract on Mitch and his wife, Abby, forcing them into witness protection.

Six weeks ago:

Mitch and his family have left witness protection because Morolto died in prison. However, Morolto's son, Joey Jr. has taken over as head of the mob.

Mitch has his own small practice accompanied by his brother, Ray, a private investigator, and their secretary, Tammy.

Mitch is assigned to a client, Darnell, who killed one of his classmate. He spins a witnesses truthful account of the killing to favor his guilty client.

Mitch is approached by fellow lawyer, Andrew Palmer, and offered to join his firm: Kinross & Clark.

Derek Little, who work's with the father of the murdered son, was offered 10,000 to kill Mitch's client. He goes to see Mitch to let him know that he can't do but that the father won't stop until Darnell is dead.

Present Time:
Mitch is running from two men. He calls his wife Abby telling her she needs to get out. He lets her know that he discovered something big with a case. He confronts a man named Martin telling him that him and his company are connected to a murder. The men arrive at their meeting and Martin decides to jump to his death.

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