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Eva dons a suit that helps her acclimate to the real world.

Carla shows up to help save Caitlin and Frost.

The diamond that Sue gave Ralph has a map hidden inside that leads to a Black Hole site. Barry and Ralph go there and find the guards dead.

They run into Mirror Singh. He tells them that Carver was there the night Eva was blasted into the mirror, he didn't try to save her. Mirror Singh sets the place on fire.

Barry approaches Carver and tells him that Eva wants him dead. Carver lets Barry know that he knew about Iris' disappearance.

Sue tells Ralph that Carver called them last week telling them that he was done blackmailing them.

Eva kidnaps Sunshine, Ultraviolet, and Dr. Light.

Carver comes to Barry and asks for their protection. He tells them that Joe can come out of hiding if they protect them.

Mirror Singh shows up to escort Carver into custody. He tells Barry that if he lets him take Carver, he will give Iris to him. Nash intercepts and gets all of them, including Carver, out of there.

Barry, Nash, Allegra, Ralph, and Carver go to McCulloch Tech. They clear out the building, and Barry and Carver lock themselves in a panic room.

Ralph sees Sue there and she tells him that she offered to take her parents' place in Black Hole. He realizes she is there to kill Carver. She knocks him out.

Sunshine, Ultraviolet, and Dr. Light show up and disable the force field around the building.

Team Flash fights them while Barry runs into Singh. He turns into Eva and knocks him out.

Sue comes back and helps them fight.

Eva finds Carver. Barry tries to save him, but she stabs both of them with mirror pieces.

Carver dies. Eva tells her minions to stand down.

Eva holds a press conference announcing that she was held hostage by an international crime syndicate. She tells them that Carver helped her escape, but he died in the process.

She resumes her position as CEO of McCulloch Tech.

Ralph tells Sue that Eva framed her for Carver's murder.

Caitlin and Frost leave for the Arctic with their mom.

Joe returns.

Iris finds Singh in the Mirrorverse. She disappears.

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The Flash Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

I had the most brilliant minds in the world study that Mirrorverse. You know what they found? It's incompatible with the human brain. That place warps the mind until the person is no longer recognizable. Your Iris is long gone. I suggest you accept that and move on.


Uh, they're going to the Artic, not Ozz-fest. How are you so bad at everything?