The Flash tries to figure out if the Monitor was telling the truth about the impending crisis. Killer Frost tries to adjust and have a life of her own. Cecile seeks help from Ralph and Iris to prove that a metahuman is innocent.

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Iris and Barry are still reeling from the information the Monitor dropped on them about Barry's demise. Barry cannot believe the date has changed to December 10th, 2019. Though he feels defeated Iris motivates him to take action and try to change the future.

Barry decides to try to run into the future to see this crisis for himself and determine if the Monitor is correct.

Cisco and Ralph give Killer Frost a chemical for her voice, so she can blend in better. They attend an art show where Camilla's photography is being displayed, and Killer Frost makes cracks at every piece of art.

Joe and Cecile discuss a case about a meta-human that can control radio waves. After Cecile starts to prosecute her, she starts to feel the woman's innocence and put her out on bail.

Barry tries going to the future to Dec 11th, 2019 but is injured while trying to run through the speed force. Turns out Barry is stopped from traveling to the future by anti-matter in the speed force. He visits Dr. Gay Garrick who shows him a machine that would help his mind pass the anti-matter block.

While there, Garrick also introduces Barry to his Mom's twin. She is a doctor as well, and they both help Barry into the machine that can get his mind past the anti-matter.

Iris, Cecile, Camilla, and Ralph take on a case of a metahuman being accused of murder. Though the facts are pointing towards her, there is one piece of evidence that doesn't match up.

Unfortunately, as Iris and Ralph went to question the key witness, the find the accused meta-human over a dead body.
She tries to run, but Joe stops her with a dampening bracelet.

They figure out the cause of death was ultra-violent radiation, which again is leading to the accused. Cecile isn't convinced since her powers still tell her the woman is innocent.

Turns out the accused meta-human has a cousin with the same powers. She comes to CPD and starts havoc.

Barry faces Ultra-Violet and ultimately allows her to harm him so he could get close enough to stop her.

After the madness, Cecile tells Joe that she wants to be a defense attorney for metahumans. She feels like she isn't doing enough for the city and needs a change.

At home, Barry and Iris talk about his impending death and apologize for their earlier reactions. They will face the end together.

Episode Details

On The Flash Season 6 Episode 2, after being faced with the news of his impending death, Barry's resiliency suffers as he struggles to fight fate.

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The Flash Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

The Barry I know would never stop running, he would find another way to fight.


If that article changes that means we can change the future, so what do we do first.