Becky: Using my powers just hurt those around me. My good luck just jinxed everyone else. You know, you seem to really care about people - not like the type of person who'd take someone's life.
Barry: I didn't kill that teacher. I wouldn't take a life. You know, not every meta uses their powers to hurt people. Some use to help others, to protect people. Our powers don't decide who we are. We do.

Ralph: You know, that actually wasn't a really bad pep talk.
Killer Frost: Well, it's your turn next time. If I ever decide to go full villain next time, you can give me the lame heart to heart.
Ralph: Full villain? Wait... Wait. I know how to fix this. I gotta see a girl about a guy. Thank you, Frosty Oprah.

Joe: Wolfe is trafficking meta-humans? Is everybody crooked in this town?
Cisco: Ah, he always did look smug in those Italian wool suits. Oh, my God, he's literally wolf in sheep's clothing.

Killer Frost: Hello, Stretch.
Ralph: They call me a man who elongates now.
Killer Frost: Hm, they should call you pathetic.

Cisco: Uh, never trust a moustache, I always say.
Joe: I have a moustache.
Cisco: No, you have a sexy goatee. He has a creeper moustache.

Caitlin: You OK, guys?
Cisco: Are we doing OK? Are we doing OK?! Does it look like we're doing OK?! We're two inches tall, Caitlin!
Ralph: Yeah, I'm like Cisco's size now. Is this how you always see the world?

Cecile: Why are you still thinking about Bulbasaurs?!
Cisco: He is the cutest one of them all!

Joe: Cecile, are you sure we even need a crib? I used to plop Iris on some cushions and call it a night.
Cecile: Well, I'm glad to hear you got all of your parenting mistakes out of the way with your first kid.

Ralph: Relax, ladies, my cells are completely polygamized.
Caitlin: Polymerized?
Ralph: Yeah, that.

Cisco: Remember, anything in here that looks fun is probably lethal.
Caitlin: Just like me.
Cisco: Nice.

Iris: Cisco, next time you go out with him.
Cisco: Iris, a chicken needs to leave its roost sooner or later. Especially when that chicken insists on doing his own solo missions.
Iris: This is bad.
Ralph: This is *really* bad. Stretchy Man, that's a terrible name. Also, now that I"m gonna be on TV all the time, this grey suit, got to go.
Cisco: Hey, easy, chickadee.

Cisco: Hey, how about you hook me up with some of that gum?
Harry: Why don't you breach yourself?
Cisco: That sounds like an insult.
Harry: Kind of was.

The Flash Quotes

One mystery I cannot figure out is why some people come into our lives and why some people go. Others become a part of you. Some friendships feel like they'll last forever and others end far too soon. Not every friendship is meant to last forever. What does last forever is the pain when that person is gone.


Barry: I love you, Iris.
Iris: Oh. I love you, too.
Barry: When we were kids I loved you before I even know what the word love meant and then my mom died and I had to go live with the girl I had a crush on. Look. There were so many times I wanted to tell you; Jr. Prom, when I went away to college, when I came back from college, nights that we stayed up talking, all the birthdays, all the Christmases, but I, I never did. I kept it in. After I lost my mom and my dad, I was afraid that if you didn't feel the same way, I would lose you, too. That's the irony. I was so scared of losing you that I did. I know I've had our whole lives to tell you this and you're with Eddie now and I know that and I know my timing couldn't be any worse, but I just... I couldn't lie to you anymore. I'm sorry.