Barry: Ever since you came into my life, I've been more than just the fastest man alive. I've been the luckiest. Marrying you was the best decision I ever made.
Iris: Well, I agree.
Barry: Even though we're husband and wife, you never really got the wedding you deserved. These past few days when it looked like I might never see you again, I swore if I ever did, I would make it up to you. So, Iris West-Allen, will you renew your vows and remarry me?
Iris: Yes. Yes, I will.

Chester: That Godspeed clone in the pipeline, he was going to kill Barry. And you stopped that. Which means the Flash can get back to the business of ending this war. But, Esperanza, she left to start one. She let the city down. You didn't. You helped lift it up.
Allegra: You really think so?
Chester: Girl, I know so.

Nora: It just all feels so hopeless.
Jay: It never is. I promise you that.

August, I know that things seem really hopeless right now. But believe me when I tell you that this team of ours...if there is anyone who can find a way out of this thing, it is Team Flash.


Barry: Cecile, even with all of my speed, I've never felt so helpless.
Cecile: Barry...It's okay to be scared. And...angry. But I just need you to save a little bit of room for hope. Because no matter how bad things might seem right now, we will get through this.

Chester: Wait, wait, wait. So, you're saying that John Diggle is going to help us end the Godspeed War? AKA Spartan? AKA Oliver Queen's right-hand man? AKA the heart and soul of Team Arrow?
Diggle: Yeah.

Dad! Something's wrong. Our family, the future...It's all changed. Flash has to do something before it's too late.


Barry: Now all I want to do is run to 2049 and make sure Nora is okay. See with my own eyes that my daughter is safe. But I can't do that.
Diggle: Why not?
Barry: Dig, you know, better than anyone, what could happen if I did. Besides, with this civil war destroying the city, staying here to fight is the right thing to do.
Diggle: No it's not. Barry, I've lived a long life here on this Earth. I've been a spy, a vigilante, a soldier. Hell, I've even been the Green Arrow. Most important job I've ever had is as a dad. And there's not a bullet I wouldn't take, not a timeline that I wouldn't risk changing if it meant protecting my family. I know that now. Lyla, my kids, they're my heart, man. My soul. My entire world. How far would I go for them? As far as it takes. Everything else be damned. Don't be afraid to do the same.

You are a good man, Joe West. You forget everything that's in that folder. Your heart's always been your best compass, right? So, trust it. Trust your heart. It'll show you what's right.


Allegra: ...I can still save Esperanza.
Sue: You want to save her?
Allegra: Yeah! You know, like Barry does with the bad guys. I mean, not so much save her, but redeem her, I guess.

Chester: To start off this R&R, why don't you guys join me in a little bit of D&D? Frost, if you're free, I could use a Chaotic Good Ice Sorcerer to help me slay the Bog Beast of Balladok.
Frost: I'm gonna have to take a pass.

Barry: ...I'm zooping Iris away for a little vacation. Actually, it was Chester's idea. You remember?
Chester: Can't forget. As much as I'd like to.

The Flash Quotes

Ramsey: You know, I don't understand you Barry. You march towards death without fear, just like mum. Where is it you get your strength?
Barry: Probably the same place she did, people I love.

Where I came from, I was a speedster like you. They called me The Flash.