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Mark takes Andrew's truck to a garage to get rid of it. He is met by one of his followers who shows him torture devices and an electric chair meant to be used on an FBI agent. 

Daisy and Kyle target a woman at the grocery store. They follow her back to her house and tie her to a chair. They force her to call her husband and ask him to come home. 

Mike finds Andrew's truck's plate numbers and Max finds it entering the garage via a traffic camera. They arrive at the garage but Mark escapes through a sewer pipe, though his follower is killed. Max finds a picture of Anna, the woman abducted from the grocery store, and it is revealed she's the wife of Agent Jeff Clark. 

Anna is left to die with a bag over her head, but Ryan administers CPR and saves her. She tells them they took Jeff. 

Mark calls Daisy saying they need a plan B and she offers to call Neil. 

Mark tells the agents they must go to the news and admit to killing his mother or Agent Clark dies. 

Jeff manages to call for help and Ryan, Max, and Mike trace the call.

Jeff is caught again and Neil threatens torture if he doesn't confess. He makes a confession tape that Lilly was killed in cold blood, but he is killed anyway. 




The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Andrew: May I offer you a little advice?
Ryan: Yeah well, you're kinda sitting on the wrong end of the table for it to hold much weight, but go ahead, knock yourself out.
Andrew: Confess while there's still time.
Mike: My conscience is clean.
Andrew: Clean or not, until you tell the world what you did, innocent people will keep dying and their blood will be on your hands.

Ryan: He's delusional. He can't cope with the fact that his own killing spree led to the death of his family.
Mike: Can't believe anything that psycho says anyway.