Theo offers Ryan a trade, Mike for Penny.

Max tracks Mike's phone to the warehouse and finds Tom's blood, but assumes it is Mike's. 

Max shows up at Ryan's house to tell him that Mike is missing and that Tom is the mole. She leaves, but comes back a moment later and sees Penny. 

She freaks out and Ryan tells her that Theo wants to make a trade. Max wants to call it in, but Ryan fears the FBI has been hacked and they need to do this on their own. 

Mike tries to appeal to Daisy to let him go. He knocks her out and manages to untie himself with her knife. He nearly escapes, but Mark catches him. Daisy shoots Mark in the shoulder to stop him from killing Mike. 

Ryan heads to the FBI to steal equipment for himself and Max. 

Theo calls Ryan to set up the exchange. 

Ryan arrives and Penny and Mike are traded. Max stops Daisy from shooting Ryan. Theo wants to escape, but Penny goes after Ryan who kills her. 

Lisa questions Ryan and tells him she's recommending he be suspended. 

Ryan opens up to Gwen about what happened in the prison and tells her that he won't call her anymore. Gwen tells him that she's pregnant. Ryan goes to an AA meeting. 

Mike and Max kiss in the parking garage when Mark comes up behind them and stabs Mike. Mike shoots Mark before he can hurt Max. 


The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Theo: What the hell is this?
Mark: You said to kill the caretaker.
Theo: I said find him, not kill him.
Mark: Killing's what I do.

Max: Is that Theo's sister?
Ryan: Yes.
Max: You kidnapped her?
Ryan: Max-
Max: Have you been torturing her? Have you lost your mind?