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Brandon finally tells Stef about Juilliard. She is pissed. She reacts by taking down all the doors in the house because she doesn't want any more secrets or privacy for her unruly kids who keep getting into trouble. 

Robert comes when Brandon is getting rid of one of the doors and he confronts Stef and Lena about Callie's legal troubles. He's angry that they didn't tell them about them and attacks their parenting skills again because Callie keeps getting into trouble, and he doesn't think Callie would have gotten into so much trouble if she lived with him. 

He wants to be involved with the process and pay for Callie's legal fees including getting her a good lawyer. Robert goes to see Callie in juvie. Callie has a hearing and Robert is pissed that he didn't know about it. He shows up and is angry again. He wants callie to fight and moms want her to take a plea deal.

Callie has to deal with guards making unwanted advances and sleeping with girls in juvie. She is warned off of turning in the guards by other guards and girls in juvie.

At callie's hearing she finds out she'll be tried as an adult.

Mike tells AJ that he wants to adopt him and that it has nothing to do with Ana. 

Moms have to come up with a way to get jesus into a rehab facility. After touring the place Lena decides she'll stay home to take care of him herself. Jesus' personality changes and anger get to her though.

Brandon talks to Mat about Mariana being pregnant which leads to Mat talking to Mariana. They broke up. Mariana confronts Brandon and tells him that she isn't pregnant and doesn't know where he got that from.

Noah and Jude see each other behind moms backs.

The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

This is like cruel and unusual punishment.


Brandon: Mom...will you say something. Please.
Stef: Have you told your father yet?
Brandon: No.