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Stef and Lena have a discussion in bed about whether or not they should take a restraining order out against Nick, because Mariana has been sleeping in the bed with them. They also discuss their wedding anniversary coming up. 

Brandon is still staying with his girlfriend and suggests that maybe they should throw a house party. 

AJ starts his first day at school with Callie. She takes him to her former Foster house where she was raped. Liam's mother catches them and invites them in. She blames Callie for her marriage failing and her son being labeled a rapist. She allows Callie to take pictures of the house and her former bedroom.

Brandon sneaks back into the house to gather some belongings and Stef tells him to go shop somewhere else. He and Courtney are taking groceries in their apartment when Lena stops by. She brings Brandon some groceries as long as it stays between them.

Lena and Stef decide that if they help Gabe get his record expunged, Lena wouldn't be at risk of losing her job because he would no longer be deemed a sex offender. They agree to pay for his legal expenses in exchange for him working around the house. They all consult a lawyer but Gabe took a plea and doesn't want to risk going to jail.

Callie visits another foster home and finds out that another foster kid that used to stay with them was special needs, which is why they didn't keep Callie and Jude.The other foster kid ended up arrested and will be in prison for the rest of his life for killing someone, even though the foster mom knows that he didn't do it.

Gabe stops in to say goodbye to Jesus. Jesus convinces him to give the deal a chance. He asks if Gabe ever gets lonely. Gabe breaks down with Jesus, and the two share a moment. 

Mike is upset that Ana is spending time with Gabe and helping him get his record expounged. Mike blames Gabe for getting Ana addicted to drugs and is also jealous. After a heated argument with Ana, Mike decides to call the person handling Gabe's case. 

Stef and Lena spy on Brandon's party. They're surprised to discover that Jesus and Mariana have gone there too. Lena is against spying on the kids and tries to keep Stef from barging in on the party.

Jesus clogs up the toilet and Brandon gets upset and is generally exasperated with all the expenses and troubles of taking care of a house. He also seems genuinely annoyed by Courtney's drinking and her friends. 

Mariana tells Matt that Nick called, and that she plans on going to see him because Nick still believes they're dating. She's interrupted when she sees Stef peeking through the window.

Courtney is served with papers. Her ex husband wants full custody of their son and claims she's an unfit mother. She wonders why Brandon loves her and is still dating her when she has a kid and an ex-husband. 

Callie and AJ talk about the issue with Kyle. AJ reminds Callie that she can't save everyone and that he just wants her to care for herself. She goes to visit the motorcycle guy to confess that she isn't a college kid and to also ask for his help with Kyle. 

Gabe's name is off the list after Mike called to put in a good word for him. 

Mariana goes to visit Nick. She plans on telling him that they aren't dating anymore, but is afraid to do it after he tells her that she was the reason he didn't kill himself.  He tells her that he'll be okay as long as he has her. 


The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

A.J: How many places are we going to today?
Callie: This is only the second one.
AJ: Hey now, you didn't say anything about breaking and entering.
Callie: I'm not breaking and entering, I'm trespassing.

I'm getting fired.