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Lena's parents come to visit the family so they can celebrate Lena's 40th birthday. Dana confides in Lena and Stef that she suspects that Lena's father is having an affair on her. Lena has a discussion with her father and he tells her that he has been preoccupied throwing a retirement party for her mother. Later on they learn that he's really in debt and that he and Dana may end up losing their home. 

Jesus and Mariana tell Dana that Brandon is no longer living in the house and that he lives with his married girlfriend and her son. Dana does not approve. 

Brandon agrees to take the SATS for someone in exchange for one thousand dollars. One of his mother's friends sees him at the school taking the test. He ignores her. When she confronted him about it later at the party, he tells her he retook it to get a better grade. Lena is suspicious but doesn't say anything. 

Mariana and her team of all girl members of the S.T.E.M Robotics club prove that they are just as capable, if not more capable than the boys. With a suggestion from Jesus, they succeed with their project and the teacher reluctantly agrees to go with their method in hopes of beating a rial school. 

Jesus and Emma call off their Friends with Benefits relationship. Jesus feels like Emma looks down on him and treats him like he's stupid. Mariana suggests that he joins the S.T.E.M club with her after he was so helpful with her.

Callie goes to juvie with Aaron with visit her foster brother Kyle. Kyle insists that he is innocent and that he didn't kill anyone. He has a month before he's transferred to an adult prison. Callie and Aaron continue to investigate in hopes of finding new information to get his case opened up again. Aaron brings a file to the party and meets AJ for the first time. There is some tension.

When Stef drops by to invite Courtney to the party she sees the check that Brandon wrote for Courtney's divorce. She shares the information with Dana later and a drunken Dana confronts Courtney about it. Courtney accuses Brandon of telling his grandmother. Brandon later confronts Stef about it.

Mike is intimidated when he finds out that Gabe was invited to the party too. Gabe attracts many of the women, and Mike is afraid that Anna is still in love with him. Anna confesses to Mariana that she's in love with Mike. Mariana approves and later shares with Mike that Anna is in love with him prompting Mike to profess his love to Anna.

Taylor gets Noah to help Jude edit a video for Lena's birthday. Taylor finds out that Connor is in town but that he didn't tell Jude he was there. Jude looks online and  sees a picture of Connor with someone else. Jude takes a picture with Noah and puts it on his FB page claiming he's in a relationship.

Mariana spills the beans in front of Noah. Noah confronts Jude about it and Jude apologizes. They agree that they would like to be in a relationship with one another. 


The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Jesus: They can stay in Brandon's room.
Dana: And where would Brandon sleep?
Lena: Jesus!
Jesus: Brandon doesn't live here anymore.

Dana: You are like a foot taller since I last saw you.
Callie: And his voice is like an octave lower.
Jude: No it isn't.
Dana: Oh lord.

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