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Callie's installation goes over well with the student body but because of an upcoming open house the school doesn't want to keep it up while parents are there. Callie is disappointed but accepts it. The other students get involved and protest the decision on her behalf.

They come up with the idea of moving Callie's project off campus so that it is officially out of the school but still close enough where people can see it if they want to. Monte hates the decision but Lena doesn't care. 

Jude is learning about sex-ed but notices that the school doesn't talk about LGBT sex. When he raises the issue, Lena approaches her temporary replacement, Drew and Monte about it, but they say it's too controversial. Lena decides to hold her own class offcampus.

Lena decides this after Jude hits up a gay app pretending to be 18 and meets with a guy looking for sex in a hotel. When moms find out they are livid and scared. He admits he just wants to learn about sex and didn't know how else to learn about it.

Stef tries to teach Mariana self-defense.

Mike has to assure AJ that moving Ana in and adopting him wasn't because of Ana's issues.

Callie gets an offer to art school. 

Brandon makes progress at the musical therapy sessions with actually helping a kid. He seems interested in it. he also helps Emma by taking her to the clinic to get an abortion. he doesn't judge her about her decision and she says she'll tell Jesus when she figures out how but with his TBI she knew he had a lot going on.

Paying off the people didn't work so callie is till in trouble. 

The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Brandon: I know I'm not ready to be a father.
Emma: Do you think that's how Jesus will feel? If he knew?
Brandon: I do.

Emma: Do you think I should feel bad?
Brandon: No.
Emma: Really? Because doesn't that make me a cold-hearted bitch if I don't feel bad? Then, if I do feel bad, then why am I doing this? I must be wrong, right?