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Callie tries to determine if she should finish her portfolio and apply to art school or transfer later on and apply to the social work program. She seems the advice of her friends including Aaron, Brandon, Ximena and also had art professor. She eventually decides to follow her dream and focus on her portfolio so she can apply to art school. Callie tries to support ximena. Ximena has cabin fever trapped in the church. She finds out from her lawyer that her Daca status has not been renewed, and she can't leave until a trial is had otherwise she'll be detained. Jesus goes back to school. Be shows Poppy the ropes and comforts her when she's homesick. Emma catches them hugging. Jesus has a student aide to help him in class but he and the aide don't get along well. Moms take Jesus to a support group. He breaks down while listening to another person share their experience. He and moms talk it out and he tells them how they make him feel stupid and broken. Stef is having anxiety attacks and backs out of following up on a lead with Margo. She tells Brandon that he needs to take care of himself and reminds him to start making a plan for his future. Grace wants to have sex with Brandon but he's afraid to because of her treatment. Grace's mother moves in with her. Jude meets up with another gamer even though Taylor is upset. The gamer promises to work with Taylor too. Mariana gets the votes for the school but a board lady threatens Monte so she backs out. Mariana reaches out to Nick about saving Anchor Beach. Lena shows up to meet him instead.
The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

A private education is not necessarily a better one. Vote no and save our school!


Callie: I think we might have to talk about what friends do.
Aaron: What, friends don't hold hands?
Callie: No, and they don't surprise their friends with picnics on the beach either.
Aaron: C'mon. I do this for the guys in my study group all of the time.