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Callie, Aaron and Sean prepare to protest Shiloh. Tess comes over to thank Stef, and then offers to do something for Stef's birthday. Stef invited her and Dean to the party she is having with Jenna even though it'll be full of lesbians. Lena talks to Nick. She chastised him about harassing Mariana and traumatizing her. He tells her how awful his father is and that His father will be upset with him for giving Lena a flash drive . He admits to destroying the model. Lena offers him advice on help. Wyatt approaches Mariana for a date. She tells poppy that she is open to dating for fun and not being tied down. Lena breaks up a vote and shows them blueprints. Craig Stratos wanted the property to build condos. The board doesn't vote for the privatization. The moms talk to the kids about not being ableist with Jesus. His para professional was let go. Jesus asks Lena to do it, but will come to regret it when she embarrasses him and micro managed. Lena notices Stef obsessively cleaning. Callie puts off working on her portfolio to work on her signs for the protest on Ximena's behalf. Drew apologizes to Lena and wants to start over. He goes back to giving her little to do and reminding her that the final decisions are still his. Declan starts being rude to Jude after Noah shows up and kisses Jude in front of Declan. Jenna hits on Tess during the party. She realizes that Tess is the woman Stef used to talk about. She almost embarasses Stef talking about it. Jenna and Tess continue to flirt and drink. When the party is over, Stef eventually blows up on Jenna for trying to break up Tess' marriage when she knows what it's like to be cheated on. Mariana talks to the boys about dating them all. They all agree, although Mat does so reluctantly. Timothy comes over and tells Lena that Drew is doing merit based pay, she's stepping on toes with the Jesus thing, and also that she should to be principal because she is who everyone likes. Jude and Declan skirt Callie gives an empowering speech about ximena and what it means to be an American at the Shiloh protest. They are booed but she stands strong. Brandon gives Stef her present. An hour of him playing the piano because she liked to listen to it when he was little and she was stressed. When she thanks him by hugging him too long, he offers to do it right then. While he plays, she cried. Lena demands drew be fired and Lauren resign. She also demands to he principal of the school. She has the backing of the other teachers and they present the board with a petition. Callie talks to ximena about her art. She's alerted that their protest made the Huffington Post. Ximena celebrates by kissing Callie. Noah calls to tell Jude that he watched the stream and calls him out on flirting with Declan. Stef has trouble breathing. She wakes up Lena who offers to take her tonrjr hospital. She asks Lena to hold her while she cries.
The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Craig Stratos has no intention of building a school here. He just wants the property so he can build high-end condos with an ocean view. Anchor Beach Academy is a total sham.


Lena: Do you have something or were you just trying to lure Mariana here to see her?
Nick: I have something.
Lena: You better. Otherwise, I'm sending this to your parole officer.