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Ximena tries to appeal to the crowd by telling them about why hate speech is wrong and immigrants are important and the foundation of the nation. She admits that she is an undocumented immigrant.The protest gets rowdy when an instigator sets off a smoke bomb and the speaker is rushed away. 

Callie and AJ flee from the scene because they don't want to get in trouble, and Ximena looks disappointed. Later Ximena tells Callie that she's most upset that her parents work hard and do right, and she sees so much hate in the country she doesn't think it's worth it.

The twins read Gabe's letter. He has went back to Tahoe for the job  opportunity. He feels it's best for him. 

Brandon talks to Grace's mother. Grace is packing up to move back home. She tells Brandon that Grace has been sick with Leukemia and that it doesn't look good. She was in remission twice before but it's back again. She asks him not to tell Grace that he knows.

Brandon tries to make prom the best night ever for Grace. he almost breaks down when he tells Callie about it later, but he stays strong for Grace, buying her a tiara and slow dancing until she gets too tired. Later on, he tells her that they will go to Coachella together after she tells him to go without her just in case. 

Drew cancels prom so the derby warehouse hosts it. When Logan and Olivia stop by to talk about prom, Mariana tells them that she's going with an ex-boyfriend. Mariana finds Wyatt and asks him to go with her and pretend to be her boyfriend because he owes her. He agrees. 

When he shows up at prom drunk and high, Mariana changes her mind. She also runs into Mat who is with his ex, but she later finds out they aren't together and they spend the rest of the night together. 

Someone texts that they can help save Anchor Beach and knows who destroyed the model. She leaves her phone on the table before she finds out who it is. It's Nick.

Stef is not looking forward to chaperoning because she has to do it with Tess. 

She confronts Tess about her behavior and her pretending she didn't have feelings for Stef in high school. Tess confesses that she repressed her feelings back then and that she's unhappy in her marriage and she thinks she's gay.

Monte tells Lena that she got a better offer elsewhere and that they should go there together. Jude overhears and is upset that Lena is considering jumping ship.

At prom Aaron asks Callie about AJ and fishes to see if she's been spending time with him. They bump into AJ and his date, Dawn. When Callie calls Aaron out on trying to trap her into saying something, and on giving up his internship away from home to stay nearby, he admits that he's jealous because he doesn't want AJ to steal Callie back because he stole her from AJ.

Callie tells him that she isn't property and storms off. ICE shows up at the prom looking for Ximena and claiming she's an instigator etc. Callie goes to warn Ximena and then tell Stef. Stef "arrests" for underage alcohol. While Stef and the ICE agents bicker over who has jurisdiction, Callie and AJ take off with Ximena in the backseat.

The ICE agents follow them, and Callie calls Stef to ask what to do. They come up with a plan, when Callie tells Jude to talk to Noah's mom, the pastor. They head to the church for sanctuary. It's a footrace to get inside with ICE hot on their tails. They manage to get in right in the nick of time. Ximena apologizes for dragging them into this situation. They're stuck inside the church until they can figure out what to do next. 

The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Grace's Mom: You know, I'm not some overprotective mother. I'm taking Grace home because she needs me. She can't take care of herself.
Brandon: She's been taking care of herself.
Grace's Mom: Grace isn't well.
Brandon: What do you mean? She's fine.
Grace's Mom: Grace has leukemia. It's a very aggressive form of leukemia. She first got sick when she was nine, and then again when she was 13. It's been in remission, but it's back now, and the prognosis is not good. So, I'm going to take my daughter back, and she's going to undergo a few rounds of chemo, and we're going to hope for the best. Please don't tell her I told you.

I've learned not to expect much from Gabe and Ana. They're not our parents.