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Lena calls Emma into her office to thank her for being such a support to Jesus and to secretly check to see if she's wearing an engagement ring. Stef gives Brandon the okay to throw mike and Ana an engagement party in the yard. He and AJ are supposed to put it together. Stef doesn't help but and why rnr3 isn't any alcohol at it when it starts up and things are awkward. Moms agree to allow Emma to come to the party. When Emma arrives, Jesus asks her why she isn't wearing the ring. She puts it on. When Emma and Stef talk, Stef noticed the ring and Lena and Stef drink thrir secret stash of alcohol in the kitchen and discuss Jesus' engagement Ana invites Gabe to the party. Gabe is afraid to interact with Ana's parents because of their rocky past. Her parents apologize to him. Ana, Gabe and the twins take a picture together. Brandon overheard her parents say they wonder how things could have been had they not interfered because they make a beautiful family Jesus talks Gabe into revealing his feelings to Ana. She rejects him and tells him how much she loves Mike now. Brandon overhears and is happy. He finally accepts Ana. Callie's administrator suggest that she major in social work instead of art. When she tells Aaron he agrees that it's a good idea. At the party she talks to AJ he finds out that she wanted to major in art and he encourages her. He agrees to come to the protest. Ximena is worried because her father has put everything in her name, has her as the legal guardian of her sister, and is preparing in case they are deported. Emma talks to Lena and tells her that she never agreed to be engaged to Jesus. Lena comforts her. Lena and Stef try to figure out what to do about Jesus because he isn't getting better.. Emma tells Jesus she doesn't want to be married and he lashes out and kicks her out. Mariana comforts her outside. Stef cautions Callie about the protest. Aaron is jealous when he sees Callie and AJ together at the protest. Things escalate when a counter protester tells Ximena to go back to her country and spits at her. Jude follows noah's advice and talks to Taylor about the job opportunity but it backfires. Graces mother comes to town.
The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Aaron: I'm all for art, but is that the best way for you to change the world?
Callie: Why do I have to change the world? Why can't I just be me?
Aaron: From what I've seen, changing the world is you.

Is he ever going to be normal again?