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Nick is having a nightmare about how he is trapped inside the Gates.  Dylan gets a call from Nick to meet up with him.

They meet up and Nick shows him a file on Buckley. Dylan reluctantly agrees to find some dirt on Buckley.

Andie is having side effects from the meds, but her doctor tells her to keep taking them. Both Charlie and her ex Brett notice something is going on with her.  She ends up flushing away the rest of her pills.

Later that day, Brett and Charlie get into a fight over Andie. Andie is able to break it up, but Brett notices something strange about her.  He confronts her later about what she is and he shows her that she isn’t alone - he too isn’t fully human. She admits to him too that she is different.

Nick meets with Devon to find out more information on Buckley.  Nick goes to meet with Mr. Foster who tells them that Devon’s pseudo uncle Harrison had problems with Buckley.

They go to a building and realize that Harrison may not be dead and perhaps something like Dylan - a vampire.

Meanwhile, Sarah throws a pool party for all the women in the Gates. Once Devon shows up, Claire decides it is her time to leave.  Devon gives Sarah a gift of “calming” tea.

Sarah goes to meet with Devon and they drink some of her tea which makes Sarah tell Devon everything.

Later that night, Devon meets with her online dating boy, Henry, to have sex. She tells him that she picked him because he’s different.  While taking a bath together, Devon puts something in the water that kills him and she’s able to take out his eyes.

They found Harrison’s skeleton body and Nick realizes that it was a blow to the head that killed him - he was murdered.

When Dylan gets home, he tells Claire that Buckley has something on them. She warns him that he is treading in dangerous waters.

Buckley goes to visit Nick at the precinct and warns him not to screw anything up. Nick confronts Buckley about killing Harrison. He believes Buckley that he didn’t murder Harrison. Buckley allows him to do his job.

Karen goes to visit Claire to inform her about Sarah drinking Devon’s tea and how it’s already effecting her.  They meet with Sarah and warn her about Devon and her tea.

Nick is able to catch Harrison’s true killer. Buckley goes to meet with him and he gets shot. Nick gets there just in time to stop him from killing Buckley.
The episode ends with Devon doing some satanic ritual with the eyes she took and her own blood.

The Gates
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The Gates Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

He's got something on us, I say we get something on him.


This place can be so clicky at times.