Storm Hits
Watch The Gates Season 1 Episode 13
"Moving Day"
Original Air Date:

Vanessa and Frank are dead. As a result, the Monohan's make a decision to move away... but these plans are interrupted when Charlie leaves with Andie in the season finale, "Moving Day".

Watch The Gates Season 1 Episode 12
"Bad Moon Rising"
Original Air Date:

Will The Gates be torn apart on this episode "Bad Moon Rising"? Sarah ignores those around her and seeks temporary comfort from Devon, but this isn't exactly someone she can trust.

Surfacing Scene
Watch The Gates Season 1 Episode 11
Original Air Date:

A secret rises to the surface on this week's episode "Surfacing". Nick must wrestle with his past demons, while Claire fears for the safety of her family.

Nick, In Thought
Watch The Gates Season 1 Episode 10
"Little Girl Lost"
Original Air Date:

A vengeful madman kidnaps Dylan and Claire's daughter this week, causing the couple to frantically enlist Nick's help. The episode is titled "Little Girl Lost."

The Gates Stars
Watch The Gates Season 1 Episode 9
"Identity Crisis"
Original Air Date:

The FBI makes an appearance at The Gates this week in "Identity Crisis". The agency is seeking a criminal and placing demands on Nick to assist with the operation.

Caught in Between
Watch The Gates Season 1 Episode 8
"Dog Eat Dog"
Original Air Date:

This week, in "Dog Eat Dog", Nick must stop a potential turf war between Vampires and Werewolves, following the assault of Lukas' father. Elsewhere, Andie and Brett rekindle their relationship.

Digging the Dirt Scene
Watch The Gates Season 1 Episode 7
"Digging the Dirt"
Original Air Date:

Nick and Dylan set out to dig up a secret on Frank Buckley this week's episode "Digging the Dirt". Also, Sarah hosts a pool party for the females in the neighborhood.

Dealing with Death
Watch The Gates Season 1 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

A neighbor is murdered inside The Gates at the hand of a vampire in "Jurisdiction". As a result, Nick enlists help from Dylan to find the killer. In another storyline, Sarah organizes a fundraiser.

The Gates Promo Pic
Watch The Gates Season 1 Episode 5
Original Air Date:

Nick comes to a dramatic realization in "Repercussions": vampires exist! Just as he admits this to himself, he's forced to actually work with one. Elsewhere, Charlie is keen on pursing Andie.

Bottoms Up, Claire
Watch The Gates Season 1 Episode 4
"The Monster Within"
Original Air Date:

This week, Bret and company receive a lot of unwanted attention because a hunter goes missing. Elsewhere, Andie and Charlie's relationship takes off... until a surprise changes everything. Read our full review of "The Monster Within".

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