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Ned has his eyes on a new girl Katie. Kati’s family is also Delia’s clients. He tells his mom he will do her a favor and drop off their paperwork. Just as he is putting the moves on her, Katie’s brother comes by to pick her up.  Her brother Mike is very anti-social and demands Katie to leave right away. Because she leaves in such a hurry, she forgets to take the paperwork with her.

Ned tries to run after her, but is too late. As Katie and her brother are getting into their parents car, the soda machine has a mind of its own and starts wailing cans at him. Melinda happens to see this take place and goes over to help. Before she can, Melinda gets caught up in a vision of knee deep mud. The family hurriedly leaves.

Melinda suspects ghosts and Ned doesn’t believe it.  She goes with Delia to Katie’s parents house.  Glen opens the door and in a twisted shock to Melinda, the entire family’s faces are muddled.  Before they can come inside, Glen tells them they were just on their way out.

Melinda and Delia leave as quickly as possible when they see Ned and Katie coming back to her house.
Inside, Ned tries to help Katie fix her computer when the sink explodes with mud. Her parents come back and make Ned leave.

The next day, Katie’s brother stops by Melinda’s store to bring a jar of jelly. When he gives her the jar, Melinda has a vision of Katie’s brother and some girl. In the vision, he is furious and rips off  her necklace. It is the same necklace he wears today. Aiden is also at the shop and ends up drawing the necklace eluding to the fact that he saw everything Melinda did..

Ned confronts Katie about their lies and tells her Melinda’s ability to see ghost. This ghost is mad at her family and Ned offers Melinda’s help so that they can stop running. She isn’t able to give him any information, except her real name is Rachel.

With her real name, the police are able to track down who her family is. The family is an environmental group that trade to prevent people from building on wetlands. The ghost is a security guard that was murdered at the scene. Because he was murdered the family has had to go into hiding, only to be one step ahead of the police.

Melinda speaks with the ghost Trevor. He tells her that Trevor and Glen joined Greenfund together. Trevor got the security job as an  “in” to lay the work for mass destruction. His plans were a lot bigger than Katie’s dad and was left to do it on his own which somehow killed him. He blames Glen for leaving him back and allowing him to die.

Presently on the run, the family gets pulled over by the police. They are being held at gun point and both Katie’s parents get out of the car. Katie has the option to run, but ends up taking the keys out of the ignition and throwing them out of the window. She is done and too tired to run anymore.

Melinda gets there and asks the agent if she could have a word with Glen and Trevor alone. She explains to Trevor that Glen never left him there to die - that he came back and saw his dead body. What Trevor didn’t remember is that when he fell into the mud he killed himself.

Trevor realizes the Glen was nothing but a good friend that put his family first (as he should!). He tells Melinda that in his mother attic there are a bunce of letters that he wrote showing he was apart of the underground group as well.  Because he is able to let go, Trevor goes into the light.

Because the police gets the letter they will not press murder charges on Rachel’s parents. Her and Ned are able to date and even Rachel’s brother is going to try and get back together with his ex. a

The Ghost Whisperer
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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

You move to so many places so many times you don't even know who you are anymore.


Delia: Who puts Walker down with the M's?
Melinda: An upside-down person.