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Ned is working at Grandview Radio Station when all of a sudden the air goes dead and the station decides to play on its own – or with the help of a ghost?

An old radio clip begins to play followed by Coldplay’s In My Place song and an eerie message on the prompt screen reads “killers”.

Ned tells his mom and Melinda about the strange incident and his bloody ear. Ned gets the transcripts from the old taping and find out who the old deejay is. Melinda goes to visit him and the deejay informs her that he quit his job because he was haunted by that same song – over and over again.  He tells them since that taping he has been haunted.

That night, Melinda has a dream that Aiden tells her that her ear is bleeding. As she looks in the mirror it cracks and there is blood everywhere. Aiden holds up a picture he drew for her that is a bunch of daisies. That picture also starts to crack like the mirror. Melinda realizes there must be significance to the daisies.

The next morning Melinda visits Maggie who was one of the people on the radio clip. She informs Melinda that the clip was one of the most humiliating experiences of her life because her ex-husband, Jack, admitted to cheating on her live on the air with his co-worker Daisy.

Melinda visit’s Jack finds he has now remarried Daisy - the same woman who was described in the prank call. Melinda lets in on her special abilities and informs them that Bruce thinks that they were an item before the radio incident. Both of them say with honesty that it wasn’t the case.  Daisy tells Melinda she knows nothing of what happened to her ex-fiancé Bruce and although he is still a missing person, she believes that he is dead.

Later, as she is trying to piece it all together, Melinda gets a call from Jack. He tells her that it was all just a scheme to get a free trip to the Caribbean. That he did love his ex-wife – he never cheated on Maggie, and after the trip it naturally just fell apart. 

Melinda could see that he was telling the truth, but what didn’t make sense is why Maggie would lie to her – so she confronts Maggie. Obviously, Maggie is not a believer in ghosts – until Bruce shows up and tries to kill her. Eye for an eye kind of style.

Luckily Melinda is able to save her. After things cool down Melinda has a serious talk with Maggie. Maggie confesses that she was always the jealous type and never believed enough in her relationship witha Jack.  That she always felt that the other shoe would drop. Bruce understands her completely and can see why she did what she did. Because of this, Bruce is able to go into the light.

The Ghost Whisperer
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