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Three guys (Scott, Danny, and Greg) are hiking through a forest looking for a house party. They find a house they’ve never seen before and decide to go in. It is an abandoned farm house.  Danny goes missing.

Greg goes into meet with Eli because he doesn’t know what else to do. His friend Danny has gone missing. Melinda touches his jacket and envisions someone burying a dead body in the ground.

Melinda and Eli go to the barn with Greg. She has a vision of the boy being buried again.  They go to the cops and the detective, Jeff Coleson, tells them that an armed guy went missing after the kidnapping.

They go back to the barn and find a skeleton of someone that was murdered.  The boy, Henry, was the son of the Austins  who went missing over a decade ago. The Austins’ are very wealthy and when Henry was kidnapped, they gave the kidnappers two million dollars - but, Henry never returned home.

Melinda has another vision of someone going into the barn and taking money out. With Jeff’s help, they realize that this is the ransom money from Henry’s kidnapping.

Later that night, Melinda gets a call from Eli telling her that they found Danny alive and trying to cross the boarder with 80K in cash. This has to be a part of the ransom money, but where is the rest?

When they bring Danny in, Scott is also in the hospital for trying to go back and find the rest of the money. They both tell Melinda that they felt something in the barn.  When Danny saw the cash, he just wanted to start a new life for him and his parents.

Melinda goes back to the barn and finally Henry come out of hiding. He begins to tell her what happened to him. Henry never saw the faces of his kidnappers and had to dig his own grave. Something doesn’t add up because in Melinda’s vision he was tossed into the hole. She goes to visit the dead body and touches its hand and sees that Henry was in on it.

Melinda goes back to the barn and Henry tries to warn her to leave - that she is in danger. Melinda doesn’t listen and opens the barn doors. The floor is all dug up. Jeff shows up and tells her to leave. Melinda gets a call from Eli and tells her that Jeff was the one who was in on it. At this moment he takes his gun out and tells her to get Henry to tell them where the money is. Henry tells them that he hid it in the wall. Jeff finds the money, but Henry knocks him out by throwing a pulley.

Melinda goes to see Henry’s mom and Henry appears. He starts to tell them what really happened. Jeff and Henry became friends in school and Jeff convinced Henry to set up his own kidnapping so that they could have the money. Jeff convinced him that his parents didn’t trust Henry to have the money. Everything went according to plan, until Henry saw his parents on TV begging him to be released.  Henry decides that he doesn’t want to go through with it and just wants to return home. Jeff doesn’t believe that Henry can keep it from the cops, so he kills Henry and buries him outside.
Henry doesn’t believe he deserves his mothers forgiveness, but then she convinces him and he goes into the light.

Back at home, Melinda goes outside to throw away the trash. Carl pops up and tells her that the Shadows are gluttons for energy. He tells her that if they fear her, they will attack and come after her and her family. That it is better to be fearful of them and disappears.

The Ghost Whisperer
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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Something is happening to my visions - they seem to be merging together with my reality and I can't seem to tell the two apart.


Shut up she was that real? I love a good ghost roast.