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Aiden comes home in a soaked rain coat and Melinda makes him take off the muddy shoes.  Jim comes home and tells Melinda he really wants to take her out. The nanny down the street agrees to baby-sit Aiden.

When they are alone in the house Aiden wants to play hide and seek. Aiden goes and hides inside a crawl space and it locks. The nanny calls the police to open

Melinda goes to visit Ben’s mom, Sarah, who couldn’t say nicer things about Kelly - but the house almost burnt down and one of her kids had to be rushed to the hospital.

Eli goes to the park and finds out dirt on Kelly from the other nannies. Aiden tells Eli that Kelly smelt like beer and

Melinda and Jim go and meet with one of Kelly’s past clients - Gil Bradley. His ghost wife Laura shows up and denies that Kelly got along with Laura.  Gil apparently has no clue about how Laura felt about Kelly. When his daughter drops a doll, Melinda goes to help pick it up and gets a vision of a woman drinking and Gil’s daughter burning her hand.

The next morning Jim finds out that it wasn’t Kelly that was the one with the drinking problem it was Laura.  As they are talking Kelly is next door babysitting the neighbors kids when the car starts to drive off on its own.  Sarah realizes that Melinda was right and fires Kelly.

Laura shows Melinda a vision of Gil and her getting the same tattoo - a unity symbol. Melinda is trying to piece things together when Kelly walks in to confront Melinda about what she said to Sarah. Melinda notices that it wasn’t Laura and Gil that got the unity tattoos, it was Kelly and Gil.

That night, Melinda is about to give Aiden a bath when she starts chocking on the Clorox. It is a vision that Laura wanted her to see because she believes that Kelly poisoned her to steal her husband.  

Laura goes to  Gil’s house and spills the ammonia and  chloride to kill them both. She then goes and tells Melinda that they will both pay for their mistake.  

Melinda rushes to Gil’s house and finds both of them unconscious on the floor.  Eli comes and helps get them out.  

At the hospital Kelly explains that they were leaving in a polygamist lifestyle.  She got away to be with a normal family and they formed a union. Laura thought that they were trying to have an affair, but really he was just talking about getting Laura into rehab.

That night Jim and Melinda have their make-up date night - and Aiden makes them a special dinner. Too freaking cute of an ending.

The Ghost Whisperer
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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Ah well, I have a hot date - what am I going to wear?


Aiden: You are always making me go slow.
Melinda: Yeah, where's your dad?
Aiden: I don't know.