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Aiden is playing chess with Carl when Jim walks in and tells him to get ready for school.

At Melinda’s store, a young woman named Gale stops by to sell some of her dad’s things.  She tells Melinda that she is in love and moving in with her boyfriend Kyle. He father died last year and she is finally moving out of his house and going forward with her life.

When Gale leaves, a box drops and in scrabble pieces, and the  ghost writes over my dead body. Melinda tells Gale that she can see ghosts and believes that he father is still around to not let them move in.

Melinda has a vision of Aiden on top of the roof jumping off. She screams and believes that it is real. Later, she sees Kyle’s ghost who tells her that he followed up a whisper and someone pushed him off the building.

Gale stops by Melinda’s store and tells her that she hasn’t heard from Kyle all day. Melinda reluctantly tells her that she saw Kyle’s ghost. Gale doesn’t want to believe it, but breaks down.  Kyle comes in at that moment and yells at Melinda for what she has put Gale through.

Ned, Delia, and Melinda are trying to figure out what she saw and  she sends Eli to question  Kyle. Eli calls her and tells her that Kyle knew that Melinda sent him and tells him that he doesn’t have any secrets and calls security on him.

Melinda stops by Gale’s house to drop off her father’s belonging when the ghost starts throwing the items around the room. Gale and Kyle walk in and find Melinda seriously disturbed. The ghost that looks like Kyle shows up and tells Melinda he is doing this for revenge.

Jim has a meeting with Delia and Ned behind Melinda’s back. They figure out that the Shadows are really playing tricks on

Kyle had an identical twin brother named Seth who fell from the roof of an orphanage when he was eight. Melinda wanted to go interview Kyle more, but she finds herself served with a restraining order.

When she gets home, the ghost pretends to be Jim and Melinda thinks she is having a vision of Aiden on the chair climbing and falling, but it is reality. Her visions are starting to blur into her reality.  Jim comes in and is really concerned with his wife.

At the hospital Melinda figures out that Kyle and Seth’s mother died in the plane crash and Seth is angry at Melinda for her helping their mom go into the light.

Carl comes in the middle of the night and tells Melinda the only way to make certain Aiden doesn’t get hurt is for Melinda to tell him that ghosts are not real.  Melinda feels that this will be changing who he is and Carl tells her this is the only way to keep him safe against the Shadows.

Melinda gets a visit from Gale who tells her that Kyle has been talking to himself. They go to visit Kyle and Seth is there. Kyle admits to both Melinda and Gale that he can see him.  Seth and Kyle were angry with Melinda for having their mom go into the light.

Melinda, Gale and Kyle walk into her store to find Seth angry and throwing things. Melinda gets him to realize he is still only eight. Seth turns back into the eight year old self and is about to go into the light, but before he does, he tells Melinda that Bedford and the cold things put him up to being mean to Melinda.

Melinda realizes that she and Aide have a huge target on their backs and now she is not certain what is best for him anymore.

The Ghost Whisperer
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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Melinda: Over my dead body?
Delia: Let me guess, Gale's dad.
Melinda: So much for resting in peace.

Gale: You think this junk is worth something?
Melinda: Everything is to somebody.