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On a "date night" with Jim, Eli shows up with cop in tow - he is in the process of getting a ticket, when Melinda notices that there is a ghost in the cop's backseat. As she goes to see what he wants, Melinda finds out that the ghost has been following around the police officer because he believes he was murdered by him.

Office Ramsey turns out to be just back from a leave of absence because his partner killed someone on duty. This boy does not turn out to be the ghost, Dylan. As Melinda searches deeper for a meaning of whomDylan is, her car gets towed and then coincidently stripped of all its parts. Jim is worried that Office Ramsey may have something to do with this – and it is his warning to Melinda to back off.

Melinda visits the police headquarters and runs into Officer Ramsey’s daughter Anne Marie. Anne Marie informs Melinda about how super strict her father is.
After a little help from the ghost, Melinda finds out who Dylan is. The death report from the hospital says that he was accidently killed while skateboarding with his friend Jake.

Melinda goes to the high school to meet with Anne Marie. Anne Marie is all smiles at first until Melinda starts asking questions about Dylan. Anne Marie freezes up and as she leaves, accidently drops her bracelet. Melinda picks it up and sees a vision of someone killing Dylan. She knows she is on the right trace.

The next day, Eli and Melinda go to the high school to talk to Jake who is animatedly against it. Melinda gets a vision from Jake’s car of him killing Dylan with a baseball bat.

Melinda goes to Jake’s house and meets with his mom who tells her that Dylan was staying with them the last couple of weeks before he died. Jake sees them talking on the porch and high-tales out of there to Anne Marie’s house.

As Jake and Anne Marie are about to leave with the murder weapon in hand, her dad comes come and catches them. Jake starts swinging the bat and Officer Ramsey is about to pull his gun out. Melinda gets there in the nick of time to help stop anything from happening.

Both Jake and Anne Marie tell them what happened that night. It turned out to be a prank turned wrong and the bat backfired and hit Dylan in the head – killing him on accident. Office Ramsey also confesses in pouring cement into the mailbox to stop the bashing of his mailboxes. Dylan goes into the light happy and secure that everything was explained.


The Ghost Whisperer
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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Just like his mother gifted and resilient.


Melinda: A little separation anxiety is normal right?
Jim: Absolutely normal...have you checked in yet?!