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Aiden is at Melinda’s store when she is cleaning up. She hears something and it ends up being a dead clown.

Melinda has a vision of people staring at her.  Her husband comes down the stairs and is holding the recording device.  Melinda realizes that it is the only thing that is new in the house, so it must be the thing that is haunted.

They listen to the tape and put together that the clown really is a private detective.

Eli looks up the ghost and finds out that his name is Charles and he is in fact a private eye.  He comes and tells them that he knows plenty of other peoples secretes.

The redheaded woman came in to the store to collect Charlie’s personal items.  Melinda puts together that the woman is SP - Sherri Parks.

Eli goes to the house and pretends to be a delivery man. He finds out from the daughter that Sherri is her fathers girlfriend that likes to trade in the expensive jewelry he buys Sherri.

Back at home Melinda gets a visit by the ghost. He tells her to mind her own business and she will ruin everything.

Melinda and Jim go through Charlie’s paperwork and they put together that maybe Charlie was working for a guy named Todd.

Melinda and Eli go to visit Todd Leiber. Todd tells them that they were high school sweethearts.  The morning that he asked her to marry him, she disappeared.

Melinda realizes that Sherri won the lotto. Charlie appears and tells Melinda that Todd knew that she won the lottery and that is why he asked her to marry him.

Eli runs into Alex’s daughter and she tells him that her father wants to marry Sherri - even after she told him that her last name isn’t really Parker.

Eli and Melinda put it together that Alex wants to marry Sherri because he know that she has a ton of money.

Eli and Melinda rush over to Alex’s house just in time to catch Sherri before she leaves with him to Vegas. Todd comes in and hits Alex in the face.

Bedford shows up in Melinda’s bedroom and warns Melinda - he tells Melinda to trust nothing and no one.

The Ghost Whisperer
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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Eli: I wouldn't rule off the daughter.
Melinda: She's fifteen.
Eli: Even better.

I love angry teenagers.