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In a flashback from a year ago, the Struckers are out in the woods and just having a normal family day. In the present, Reed mourns the death of his father. He and Caitlin are talking about the chances of him being a mutant.

Thunderbird is struggling with the fact that he left Pulse behind and couldn't save him. Meanwhile, Andy and Lauren are reading up on Andrea and Andreas who were together known as Fenris.

Polaris is having a nightmare about her future baby as she finds herself trapped in prison again. But in the dream, the whole network is trapped in the prison too.

The next day, the mutants are trying to make sense of the Trask Industries and discover that a bar has tons of Trask employers there. Reed has a chat with Caitlin who is still struggling with the new family information about his side of the family.

Reed also tells her about Andreas and Andrea who have the same powers as their kids. Later on, Dreamer and Polaris try to get information out of a Trask employee. Polaris eventually loses her patience and punches the guy out.

Dreamer uses her powers to get memories out of the employee as they take off. Back at the station, the Struckers decides to put the theory to test and see if Andy and Lauren together are as strong as Fenris.

But nothing happens at first when they hold their hands together, just like Fenris. They try again as their hands begin to glow before Reed interrupts them. Lauren explains how she could feel their power rise together and the destruction they can cause.

Dreamer and Polaris brief the rest of the team about what they learned. They're trying to figure out whether it is the right time to strike as they only have one shot at this.

The Struckers keep talking about what Andy and Lauren were feeling when they connected. They both explain that they felt like one shared mind in one body. Reed accidentally pisses Andy off when he says that he worries about Andy not having a good grip on his powers.

Lauren pulls Andy to the side and tells her that she had never felt so powerful when they connected. Eclipse tries to get Polaris to talk about her nightmare the other night as she expresses her concern for the baby.

Eclipse has a plan to break into the substation but will need the Strucker kids. While hesitant, Reed and Caitlin agree to let them join the other mutants on this mission.

The team moves out, but Esme makes it clear to Polaris that she isn't leaving without the people she loves. Clarice begins to open up a portal as Andy and Lauren head in with the others.

As the team is inside the building, a couple of workers are nearby. A security guard confronts them before Dreamer uses her powers to make him forget what he saw.

Jace arrives with a squad at the substation as they tracked the mutants and head inside. Reed and Caitlin see that Sentinel Services have arrived and alerts the team.

One of the Sentinel robots gets a hold of Clarice while the others escape. Dreamer gets the kid to safety as she splits from them. Andy and Lauren realize their is only one way to get out as they combine their powers.

But Andy gets scared that it will kill innocent people above them as they get surrounded.and arrested.

The Gifted
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