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dallas texas 12 years ago. Turner was a cop and he's talking to his boss. They spy a guy. He's a mutant and the cops go over to see him. He says he's waiting for a friend. The cop insists on ID. The cop tased him. This is when Turner was a rookie. The cop gave him crap. Turner arrests the kid who was ding absolutely nothing.

Present day:

Thunderbird is brining in Lauren. Her parents are taking care of her. They're checking for a concussion. She tells them it was Andy. There's another injury coming in. Reed takes Lauren home. Lots of mutants are coming in. One is bleading acid. Caitlin keeps asking about Andy. John says there was too much going on and he couldn't track him. No time. 

Reed is talking to Caitlin. She is still talking about Andy. Caitlin is doing ok.

Caitlin: Please just tell her I'm sorry.

Reed: I just can't believe that you looked him in the eye, told him you wanted him to come home and he attacked you.

Lauren: He believes. I could see it in his eyes.

Back at Hellfire. They'll testing Rebecca's powers. Lorna tries to connect with her. They want to see what she can do. She won't cooperate.

Lorna said she needs time. Reeva is setting the stage for the next step. Andy wants to talk to Rebecca because they're treating her like a thing and not a person. 

Morlock Tunnels - Blink, Eclipse and the rescued mutants are in the tunnels. They're taking them to Erg. One of the mutants offers to help. She makes light balls that float. Blink asks to talk to Erg.

Back at mutant underground, they're trying to patch up the acid mutant. John helps cause he's tough. John won't let Caitlin help him. He tells them to question the mutant.

They're waiting for the mutant to wake up. Caitlin is patching up John. Caitlin apologizes to John for making him feel like this is all his fault.

Acid guy is named Michael. John asks him who they took. They kept her locked up tighter than anyone. All the ones down there couldn't be held by collars. Even Dr. Taylor felt bad about it. 

He passes out.

Eclipse is upset and talking to one of the mental mutants. He says they're supposed to be 'building something for the mutant future.' She thinks they can't be all bad if Hellfire set them free. She has light power too. 

Blink is fighting with Erg about taking in the refugees. She's been spying for him.

Andy goes in to talk to Rebecca. He's talking to her like a person. He shows her his power. He starts talking to her about his sister. Saying Hellfire is like his new family because he can be himself. 

Andy: Inside out, huh? My name's Andy

Her power is to turn things inside out.

Tucker shows up at the human bigot place. They're going to be waiting for the mutants. Jace stands up. He tells them they're going about it all wrong. He suggests to find the escaped mental patients and prove that the Purifiers are the good guys.

Andy shows Rebecca around. She's looking outside. She hasn't seen the outside in a long time. He asks Rebecca if she wants to get out of there. They're around the same age. They run into Lorna on the way out. Lorna says it's not a good idea. 

He wonders if she can have freedom. Lorna sees his point and lets them go outside.

Blink asks what's up with the eye patch. He needs her to use her abilities to go above a certain place and get something. She does it. They're gathering supplies and stealing stuff. Erg doesn't believe in Hellfire or the Mutant Underground.

Back at the underground. The purifiers show up and insist on coming inside. They move the acid man and hide the other mutants behind a secret wall. Jace talks to the front desk. The purifiers break in. 

Eclipse is watching everyone. He worries that they're there. The other light girl says it's not so bad. He asks her how she got to the mental institution. She was inciting a riot. They found her guilty and sent her to a mental institute. She was really angry. But she decided to forgive them. 

Clarice comes back from talking with Erg. She tells them they can stay but he wants to talk to everyone first. He tells them the rule to stay. They must take the mark if you can't see they're powers. The light girl says they'll take the brand.

Andy and Rebecca are out and she's pigging out. She shows Andy her powers. Andy says they're trying to build a place where mutants can have a homeland. Where they can be themselves. They use their powers on a couple of cops. Andy is very uncomfortable.

Jace and the purifiers are questioning the doctor on where the acid guy is. John wants to go out and help. Caitlin talks him out of it. The acid guy says she's right. He insists he'll make it. It appears they're lying.

White supremecist guy is hurting the doctor. Beating him up. The cops are coming. They leave. Acid guy died. She lied to John. He's mad.

Blink is talking to Erg. He doesn't think she's happy. He tells her to never hide who she is.

Rebecca and Andy had fun. They're holding hands. She kisses him. 

She shows everyone else her power. She's having fun with it.

The Frost sisters are happy. Lorna doesn't look happy.

All the sewer mutants are being marked so they can stay. Eclipse holds her hand.

Jace has patient files and he thinks he knows where they live.


The Gifted
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The Gifted Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Lorna: That bad, huh?
Frost sisters: You have no idea.

Please just tell her I'm sorry.