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Reed and Caitlin in a meeting with a doctor. Caitlin is 5 months pregnant and the doctor is suggesting to terminate the pregnancy. She might die if she carries to term. Caitlin isn't going to terminate. She's pregnant with Andy.

The Struckers are having dinner. Reed is going to tell John about his powers. They're talking to Lauren about neglecting her and about what it might mean for her to find Andy. How scary their powers must be together. Lauren apologizes to them too. She's been trying to interpret her dreams about Andy and has been wrapped up in that.

Lauren: I think the dreams are telling me I need to be the one to bring Andy home.

Marcos is telling the group about Reeva. He tells Caitlin and the group that he talked to Andy and that Andy is a believer. He said that Lorna looked him in the eye and said she loved him but what they were doing was more important. Caitlin says they have to find out what the group is up to.

Marcos wants to go to Wire and find out why the Frost sisters were tapping into the data cables. They're going to see Wire. Reed pulls John aside to tell him. John tells Reed that he needs training and that he can't surpress his powers. He tells Reed he doesn't want to use drugs to try and do that. He's been there.

John, Blink and Marcos goes to see Wire. Clarice has a bad attitude. Marcos wants to save Andy and Lorna who don't want to see saved. John listens in the building and says someone's in there.They shoot through the door and John gets shot. Multiple times. They disarm the dude.

Sirens are coming so they grab Wire's brother and leave.\

Turner keeps texting his wife, but she's not texting back. He's upset. He's looking up marriage counseling. He gets a phonecall from a police officer. The policeman is on his side and is calling behind the sergeant's back. He asks Turner to meet him.

The doctor is taking the slugs out of John. Clarice is still has a bad attitude. He asks if she's talking to Erg. Graph wakes up and tells them the Frost sisters came in and made Wire commit suicide. He brings up pictures of the dead Inner Circle. Caitlin leaves to get drugs to bribe Graph with Oxy. He's going to put Graph in immediate withdrawal.

Caitlin: It's our family, Lauren, I'll do what I have to.

Graph told them the Inner Circle was looking into a mental institution in Bethesda. Linwood. It's more of a prison. Lorna was in one of those places for years. She still has nightmares. Caitlin tells Graph to find out what they're doing at Linwood Hospital. There's a back door in the hospital system. They disabled communications at the hospital and it started 12 minutes ago.

Lauren wants to go to get through to Andy. Caitlin agrees. Reed takes drugs to surpress his poiwers.

 Jace keeps calling his wife and she finally answers, telling him to stop calling. He asks her to hear him out. 

Paula: Jace, the job will never be done.

She has to start living again and she needs somebody by her side. That isn't her husband. He's not there for her and he tries to say he will move on once the job's done. It won't ever be done though.

Back to Caitlin, Reed and Graph. Graph is throwing up they want him to tap into the security system at the hospital to help the crew. She offers him some Kick if he can hack in. Reed gives her crap. She says she's not going to stop fighting for Andy and the others.

He's in the security system. The Frosts are there and so is Lorna. They're making the hospital staff run. They're rounding them up. John uses his powers to pinpoint the activity. Blink creates a portal to get them in. He tells Blink to stay down. John and Blink go in the hospital. They're not being quiet at all. Clunking down the hallway. There's blood all down the walls. 

The patients are all on lockdown. Blink and John are making their way down the hall. They talk about Lorna and how she would probably be triggered.

Lauren and Marcos stay outside. She doesn't think Andy would hurt her. He told her Andy just stood there and was watching him die when Reeva attacked him. She still doesn't believe Andy would hurt her. She starts telling Marcos about when Andy discovered his powers and how he calmed down when he saw her. She convinced she can get through to him.

Turner meets with the cop. Cop apologizes to Turner for them not helping him. Cop is part of a Purifier club. Anti-Mutant group. Hate Group. He says they're regular folks who love their race. Turner says he's not interested. Cop gives his number in case Turner changes his mind.

John and Clarice still in the hospital. He says they were taking prisoners. Blink is geing loud. The building shakes. It's Andy. They're trying to free someone. Hacker is hacking the hacker and they know the Underground is there. John and Clarice run downstairs. Caitlin offers him more drugs. She shoots him up. Reed is disappointed. He gets back in the system.

They see Lorna and Andy through the basement camera. John and Clarice are down there. Graph is getting them through the doors. John calls Lorna. She comes back inside. He asks her to talk to them. She uses her powers against them. Bringing all the crazy mutants out. Then she leaves. Blink opens a portal to get them out. They're klilling each other. 

Andy and Lorna are loading into a hummer. Graph is having a heart attack. He's overdosing. Lauren and Marcos are blocking the hummer. Lauren insists on stopping them. She's having problems. Andy gets out. She is shocked to see him. He tells her to get out of the way. She mnetions the dreams and he has them to. He tells her to get out of the way. 

Andy: Get outta the way.

Lauren: No, I'm here to take you home.

Andy looks back at the truck. He says he's not scared. Tells her to move. She refuses. He's says, well, I'm sorry. They battel. She loses. Lauren is knocked out.

They leave.

Reed and Caitlin bring Graph back. Reed is making Caitlin feel bad. They realize nobody made Andy do anything.

John tells Caitlin about Lauren. He tells them it was Andy. Reed and Caitlin hug. Reeds powers come out. He tries to take pills but they burn up in his hand. He takes the pills off the ground. Starts crying.

The Inner Circle made them humans admit what they've done to the mutants. Jace calls the Purifiers.

Inside the hummer are the Frosts, Andy, Lorna and the prisoner they rescued. 



The Gifted
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The Gifted Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I think the dreams are telling me I need to be the one to bring Andy home.


It's our family, Lauren, I'll do what I have to.