Dancing At the Ball - The Gilded Age Season 1 Episode 9
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Marian tells Mrs. Chamberlain that she and Mr. Raikes are eloping. Marian asks if Mrs. Chamberlain would allow them to meet at her home.

Mrs. Chamberlain says she will provide them with a carriage. Mrs. Chamberlain suggests that Mr. Raikes will not want to give up New York so quickly, but Marian insists that he cares as little for it as she does.

Final preparations are underway for the ball as Mrs. Russell goes through things with Church. Church comes down to check on Baudin. Baudin looks concerned after reading something.

Church sees Mrs. Russell off in her carriage.

Marian walks with Mr. Raikes in the park and tells him of the plans. He tells her he loves her, and they kiss.

Mrs. Russell arrives by carriage at Mrs. Astor's. Mr. Hefty informs her several times that Mrs. Astor is not at home. Mrs. Russell sees Mrs. Randolph being let into Mrs. Astor's.

At dinner, Larry asks how the ball is going. Mrs. Russell says that, unfortunately, they will have to ask Carrie not to perform in the dance, as Mrs. Astor won't receive Mrs. Russell. Mr. Russell suggests Mrs. Astor was maybe not at home.

Gladys says that Carrie must be part of it, or her partner Orme will be unable to dance. Mrs. Russell says that none of the young people should dance if their parents don't attend.

Marian paints. Peggy comes to pick up her clothes and visits Marian, asking about her plans. Marian asks Peggy to take her bag to Mrs. Chamberlain's for her. Marian asks about Peggy's parents.

Peggy says her mother is well, and her father is in Chicago. Marian tells Peggy the wedding will be on Friday, the same day as the Russell ball, and asks Peggy to see them off. Marian also says she plans to write letters to Aunt Agnes and Aunt Ada to explain.

Carrie confronts her mother, explaining that she has just received a letter from Mrs. Russell saying Carrie will not be receiving an invitation to the ball.

Carrie accuses her mother of not receiving Mrs. Russell. Mrs. Astor counters that she was busy at the time, but Carrie postulates that Mrs. Astor wouldn't call on or receive Mrs. Russell if her life depended on it, and she storms upstairs.

Peggy leaves with many bags, and Ada says goodbye, urging her to use the front door.

Ada notices Peggy carrying a bag like Marian's and asks whether she would help Marian do something foolish. Peggy says she would try to persuade her not to. Ada grows suspicious.

Mr. Russell and Mr. Clay go through loan applications, coming across one from Mr. Kuiper.

Mr. Hefty informs Mrs. Astor that Carrie isn't coming down for dinner but has asked for a tray. According to Carrie's maid, she has gone to bed and will not be accompanying her mother to Mrs. Bevan's reception.

Marian sits with Ada in the living room. Ada looks serious and asks Marian what is distracting her. Ada asks if it's about Mr. Raikes. Marian says she doesn't want Aunt Ada to be blamed.

Ada urges Marian to fight for him and talk it through with Aunt Agnes. Marian says she hasn't got the time.

Agnes appears, telling them Oscar is coming over for dinner tomorrow.

Baudin approaches Mr. Russell. Mr. Russell compliments the chef on the dinner. Baudin says he has something to say that may result in his dismissal and closes the doors.

Mr. Russell tells Mrs. Russell the truth. Baudin is a farm boy from Kansas who became a merchant seaman, got a job washing dishes in Cannes, France.

Baudin trained there, and when he got back to New York, he couldn't get work as a cook from Wichita, so he became a "French chef." His real name is Josh Borden. His wife found him and wants to reconcile.

Mrs. Russell says they can't keep him on as they'd be a laughing stock, and she'll look for a new chef tomorrow.

Watson, Church, Mrs. Bruce, and Adelheid ask Baudin/Borden why he didn't say something sooner. Church urges him to speak in his regular accent, and he does.

Borden explains he's trying to get his wife to divorce him. Adelheid thinks it's unfair, but Borden defends Mrs. Russell, and his French accent starts creeping back.

Carrie Astor plays Gladys a visit. Mrs. Russell tells Carrie she is welcome any time except the ball. Carrie asks her if she'd receive her if her mother apologized, and Mrs. Russelll says she would.

The Russell servants show the new chef, Mr. Charon, around the kitchen. He refuses to even look at the notebook Borden has provided. Mrs. Bruce leads him to his room.

Mrs. Russell tries on her ballgown. Mr. Russell asks how the ball is going. Mrs. Russell notes she has had some responses, mostly from people she doesn't care about, and the parents of the dancers have not responded at all. Even Mr. McAllister hasn't committed.

At dinner, Marian says she will luncheon with Aurora Fane and may not be home until the evening.

Agnes asks about Peggy. Marian says she came for her things, and Agnes assumes she won't be back, which Marian confirms. Jack and Bannister exchange glances.

Oscar says his mother should admit she is sad that Peggy is gone. After some prodding, Agnes does.

Mrs. Astor knocks on Carrie's bedroom door and enters, asking how long she will keep it up. Carrie asks the same thing. Mrs. Astor offers to call on Mrs. Russell and say she's engaged on ball night. Carrie says she wouldn't accept it.

Mr. and Mrs. Fane sit in their box, enjoying the opera. Mrs. Fane notices Mr. Raikes in a nearby box, looking quite friendly with Miss Bingham.

In the morning, Mr. Russell finds his wife in bed and tells her that if the "great" folk haven't replied, she will need to think of some replacements. She says Aurora has been helpful, and they will be fine.

Marian heads out, but Ada stops her, asking if she needs help or her bag. Marian says her bag is at Mrs. Chamberlain's. Ada says that getting help from Mrs. Chamberlain means Agnes will never forgive her.

Ada hugs the teary-eyed Marian goodbye and wishes her good luck. Marian takes the letters for her aunts across the street to Larry Russell, asking him to bring them back to her aunts' house just before seven that night.

Larry agrees to it, and she thanks him. Jack helps Marian into the carriage, and she tells him to thank the servants for all they have done for her.

Mr. Russell ponders what Marian is up to. Larry tells him she can be quite convincing and that she encouraged him to towel his father about his architect plans. He talks more about how he is excited to be an architect.

Ellen goes through the laundry and finds a letter in Mr. Scott's pocket, which she hands over to Mrs. Scott. Mrs. Scott opens it and reads it. The contents seem to upset her.

Marian and Peggy sit with Mrs. Chamberlain while they wait for Mr. Raikes. Marian hands over a painting she made for Mrs. Chamberlain as a thank you -- hummingbird and flowers.

Aurora comes to visit, looking for Marian. Ada receives her. Aurora tells Ada she saw Mr. Raikes in the Drexells' box, with Miss Bingham. Aurora saw him whisper in her ear, and Miss Bingham clung to his arm.

Ada thinks Marian should know, and sooner than tonight. Ada tells Aurora she's at Mrs. Chamberlain's house. Ada tells Aurora to go to Mrs. Chamberlain's as fast as possible.

Mr. Kuiper meets Mr. Russell. Mr. Russell approves the loan and invites Mr. Kuiper and his wife to the ball, threatening to blackmail him if they do not attend. The loan hinges on his wife's presence too.

Mrs. Russell pays an unexpected visit to Mrs. Russell. Church is dumbstruck. Church takes her card to Mrs. Russell.

Mrs. Russell receives Mrs. Astor. Mrs. Astor confirms that Carrie is not dancing at the ball and is no longer invited.

Mrs. Astor explains that there has been a misunderstanding -- when she refused to see Mrs. Russell, it was because a friend had asked to speak to her alone. Mrs. Russell stands her ground, insisting Mrs. Astor come to the ball with Carrie, and make Agnes attend.

Mrs. Astor says she's not sure if she can make this happen. Mrs. Russell says she should find a way, as she likes Carrie very much.

Mrs. Astor leaves. Mr. Watson and Mrs. Bruce watch optimistically.

Marian is incredulous at Mrs. Fane's claims. But the ladies have all waited for him for hours. Marian wonders if something might have happened to him.

Marian says she will go to his office. Mrs. Chamberlain says she'll hold him if he comes here. Peggy goes with Marian to Mr. Raikes' office.

Mrs. Chamberlain and Mrs. Fane are left alone. Aurora thanks her for receiving her and for her kindness to Marian. She asks if Mrs. Chamberlain will keep quiet about the whole thing for the sake of Marian's reputation.

Mrs. Astor vents her worries and frustrations to Mr. McAllister. He reminds her that they cannot exclude the new people, lest they create a new society that excludes them.

He thinks she should accept the invitation this minute and invite Agnes, too. Mrs. Astor accuses him of just wanting to go to the ball.

Agnes receives a letter from Mrs. Astor, asking her to attend Mrs. Russell's ball. Ada is delighted and curious to see the house. Agnes says they will obey Mrs. Astor but reserve the right to quarrel with Mrs. Russell later.

Marian arrives at Mr. Raikes's office, where he is attempting to write a letter. She pries it out of him that he is interested in Miss Bingham. He says New York is good for them and that together they could not hope to stay in society.

Marian wonders why he pushed for their elopement if he no longer desired it. Mr. Raikes says he thought they could accomplish anything if he could make it happen. Marian leaves, and he asks if they can remain friends. She says no, but they will not be enemies either.

Outside, Marian bursts into tears, and Peggy comforts her, telling her she can just go home. The clock strikes the hour, and Marian realizes she must stop larry from delivering the letters.

Mrs. Astor and Mrs. Russell inform their daughters of the news of tonight's ball. Mrs. Astor asks Carrie to write to all the dancer's parents and ask them to attend. Gladys hugs her mother.

Marian arrives home, asking Bannister to tell her when Larry Russell arrives. Bannister says he is already here. Marian rushes in and manages to cover for Larry so that he doesn't give the letters to Ada and Agnes.

Ada is confused to see Marian but realizes what is going on. Marian sees Larry out, leaving Agnes and Ada a little confused.

Larry is also confused, Marian says she might explain one day, and she thanks him. He asks if she's coming to the ball, and she says she is, and he asks for a dance.

Peggy returns home, and he mother shows her the letter. It was received three weeks ago. It states that the boy is doing well. Peggy assumed the boy is her son. She realizes her father must have made inquiries.

Peggy asks her mother if she knew. Dorothy swears she did not. Peggy is furious that her father has been keeping her son from her, and she wants him back. Her mother vows to help her.

Mrs. Russell descends the staircase, greeted by her husband, and the servants get to work. Guests begin arriving.

Church tells Mr. Russell there is an issue with the new chef in the kitchen. Mr. Russell asks him to sort it out.

Watson takes some coats, and hears the announcement that Mr. and Mrs. McNeil have arrived. He turns to look at them, hiding behind the wall, so he remains unseen.

Mr. Charon is in a state. Mrs. Bruce informs Church that the cold course is ready, but not the hot. Mr. Charon fades in and out of consciousness.

Church sends a kitchen boy off with an address and urges the others to put Mr. Charon to bed.

Agnes, Ada, and Marian leave the house and head across the street.

Jack and Bridget watch from across the street. Jack dreams of being invited to a ball one day.

The Fanes arrive, then the Kuipers, then Agnes, Marian, and Ada. Agnes explains to Aurora that Mrs. Astor said it was a "test of friendship."

Ada notices there are so many familiar faces. Oscar comes over, surprised to see his mother. Mrs. Astor and Caroline Astor arrive, and Mrs. Russell tells them she's happy they could come.

Gladys and the dancers prepare for the quadrille.

The dancers performer the quadrille, with the girls in fancy dress and wigs and the boys as horses. The audience is delighted.

Mrs. Astor mentions to Mrs. Russell that she could easily destroy her after the ball is over. Mrs. Russell suspects that Mrs. Astor will do no such thing, for they are too much alike.

Mrs. Russell offers to be a good friend to Mrs. Astor, if she'll allow it. Mrs. Russell nods to Agnes, and Agnes nods back. Ada notices, marveling at the gesture.

The dance ends, and the audience applauds.

Oscar asks Gladys for a dance. She says she has to change. He says if she dances with him, he will leave her alone the rest of the night. She tells him she will change, and she can no longer be told what to do.

Oscar stops John Adams across the ballroom, and they make eye contact.

Mr. Raikes arrives with Miss Bingham. Aurora notices and hurries over to Marian to tell her. Mr. Raikes comes over and greets them.

Aurora tells Mr. Raikes he is quite the man about town. Ada gets Aurora to go with her to pay their compliments to the hostess.

Mr. Raikes apologizes, saying he didn't think Marian would be there, or else he wouldn't have come.

Marian asks if he had planned to break his word when they met in the park. He assures her no, and that he did love her. She says love is not always enough and goes off alone to cry and compose herself.

Larry finds Marian and asks her for that dance.

Gladys appears, and everyone applauds. Oscar takes her arm and leads her to the dance floor. Agnes watches suspiciously. Mr. Russell kisses his wife as she gets emotional.

Larry dances with Marian. Oscar dances with Gladys. Mr. McAllister dances with Mrs. Astor. Mr. and Mrs. Russell dance together.

In the early morning, Oscar returns home to John, telling him that he thinks he can reel Gladys in and that it won't change anything between them.

Arthur Scott returns home. Mrs. Scott and Peggy are packing up to leave. Peggy tells him that they know. He says they have no proof. Peggy says he doesn't know what they have.

They tell him they know the boy did not die and that he was adopted. Peggy says they are heading to Philadelphia in search of Peggy's son, and they would like his assistance. 

Mr. Scott insists the boy is happy, and that this was a way to free Peggy and the child of a life of shame. Peggy says she doesn't want to be free of her own child. Mr. Scott says he won't help. Peggy and her mother leave.

Larry walks Marian home. She has told him of Mr. Raikes, and Larry asks her how she's feeling. She tells him she's feeling numb, and he urges her to look after herself when it wears off. Jack opens the door to let Marian in.

Mrs. Russell is upset to hear about the incident with the new chef and Mr. Borden, but Mr. Russell insists that Borden saved the day, and they ask him to stay on.

Marian removes her gloves and shoes. Ada comes in, asking if she enjoyed herself. Marian thanks her aunt for letting her stay at the ball, saying it got better after Mr. Raikes left.

Ada asks if Marian will ever explain what happened. Marian says someday but not yet. Ada tells her to sleep it off, and assures her that this is her home.

As the red carpet is rolled up, Bannister and Church look at each other across the street and nod cordially.

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Whoever achieved great things without taking a chance?

Mrs. Russell

I have no fear of scandal. I’m a walking scandal as it is.

Mrs. Chamberlain