Aurora Fane - The Gilded Age  Season 1 Episode 8
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Mr. Russell and Mr. Clay confer with the lawyers, preparing for the questions, discussing Mr. Dixon. Mr. Russell gets angry at the lawyers, urging them to do whatever it takes to get Mr. Dixon blamed.

Mrs. Russell instructs Church and Mrs. Bruce on their tasks to prepare for the ball so that everything is ready by the time she, Gladys, and Larry return from Newport.

Mr. Adams asks Oscar if he should invite himself to Newport. Oscar says the Russells will be in Newport. Mr. Adams tells Oscar he loves him. Oscar asks him to keep his voice down and informs him that he doesn't have enough money to live the way he'd like. Oscar says their behavior will get more suspicious as they get older.

Jack searches for Bannister and asks Mrs. Bauer if she thinks he'll be able to get off early. Bridget notices that Jack has flowers.

Oscar meets Marian at the house and tells her he's heading to Newport with Larry Russell. Marian says she'll see them off.

Marian and Oscar head over, greeted by Larry. Mr. Russell's stenographer, Miss Ainsley, arrives with papers. Miss Ainsley asks that the documents be given to Mr. Russell at once. Larry takes them inside. Marian asks Oscar if he knew Gladys was going to Newport as well.

Marian warns Larry to look after Gladys. Larry agrees that Oscar is determined.

Marian returns home. Mrs. Fane is there, announcing that she is heading to Newport. Marian mentions that Larry and Oscar are going, too. Mrs. Fane says Mr. McAllister has invited her up for ten days, and Mrs. McAllister will also be there. A

da mentions Mrs. Astor's upcoming plans, and Agnes is surprised by how much his sister knows about society.

Bannister informs Agnes that he's giving Jack the day off. Agnes reminds Bannister how well Jack handled himself when Bannister was absent.

Alone, Mrs. Fane mentions to Marian that she is worried about her and Mr. Raikes.

Bridget asks Mrs. Bauer where Jack could be going with flowers. Mrs. Bauer says it's none of their business. The doorbell rings and Jack lets in Mr. Raikes, who drops off a letter for Peggy. Miss Armstrong takes upstairs.

Marian tells Peggy she will inform Mr. Raikes that she's ready to elope with him. Armstrong brings the letter to Peggy, giving Marian a dirty look.

In the Russells' ballroom, the dancers practice the quadrille. Carrie says she and her mother will be going to Newport as well. Mrs. Russell arrives, saying they must be done with it as Gladys has to pack. She announces that the dresses and costumes will be thank-you gifts for dancing.

Gladys expresses concern about her father, but Mrs. Russell insists he'll be fine.

Jack returns from his outing. The other servants ask how he is. Evasively, he says he'll be in his room. Bridget thinks he's hiding something. Armstrong indicates that Miss Scott is hiding something, too.

Mr. Russell tells Mr. Clay that Mrs. Russell is going to Newport. He says if this goes to trial, it will ruin all of his wife's society plans. Mr. Clay tells him they have still not discovered anything about Dixon.

Marian asks Peggy about the letter. Peggy says it's not good news, and she thinks Armstrong may have read it. Ada appears. Marian informs Ada that Armstrong may have read one of Peggy's letters. Peggy excuses herself. Ada says she doesn't like Armstrong and never has.

Bannister stops by as Gladys and Mrs. Russell head off to Newport, greeting Church and Mrs. Bruce. Bannister mentions that he heard Miss Turner is gone and that she wrote to him before she left. Bannister remarks that Turner and Church were not friends.

All three notice Baudin arguing with a woman in the street. They bid each other good day.

Watson watches Mrs. McNeil from across the street. Mrs. McNeil sees him and sends her footman over. The footman asks Watson if he has anything to say to Mrs. McNeil.

The footman walks Watson over. Mrs. McNeil says she has noticed him watching him. He seems surprised that she doesn't know him and introduces himself as Mr. Collier. Mrs. McNeil looks confused and enters her home hurriedly.

Marian meets Mr. Raikes at his office. She says Aunt Agnes won't ever change her mind. They agree to elope.

Baudin does some early preparation for the ball. Church and Mrs. Bruce note how busy he is. Church says he saw Baudin arguing with a woman in the street. Baudin gets up, saying he will not tell them what it was about, and he goes to bed.

At Bayside Farm, the McAllisters' home in Newport, the McAllisters gather with Mrs. Fane, Gladys, and Mrs. Russell. Gladys asks what life is like in Newport. Mrs. McAllister notes there is a casino in town, and Mr. McAllister remembers Larry is staying with Mrs. Fish. Mr. McAllister says they'll go to the casino tomorrow.

Marian and Ada go to Bloomingdales. Miss Ainsley is there, leaving in a rush, and she forgets a pocketbook. Marian offers to return it as she knows the woman's employer. The shop lady is grateful. Marian buys some gloves and tells Ada she'll stop by the Russells' on the way home.

Marian drops the pocketbook off at the Russells', telling Church to please give it to Mrs. Dixon. Russell appears. Marian explains Mrs. Dixon left the pocketbook, and Marian told the shop lady she'd return it.

Marian explains that she's met the stenographer the previous day with Larry. Mr. Russell corrects her, saying his stenographer's name is Ainsley. Marian assures him it was charged under the name Dixon. Mr. Russell thanks her and takes the pocketbook.

Bridget asks Mrs. Bauer if it's Jack's day off -- he's got flowers again. Bridget asks if she can follow him. Mrs. Bauer says she's only interested in him because he's interested in someone else. Bridget convinces her to let her follow him.

Mrs. Bauer asks Bannister if Agnes is talking to him yet. He explains that she talks to Ada, who then talks to him.

Bridget tails Jack.

Marian and Ada are painting. Mrs. Bauer comes up to give Ada her weekly dollar. Mrs. Bauer confesses that she thinks Armstrong is planning something against Peggy. Ada thanks her for the information and asks Marian to warn Peggy.

Marian conveys this to Peggy. Peggy worries that Armstrong knows enough of her story and will tell Agnes. Marian asks Peggy about her story.

Peggy closes the door and sits down. She confesses to Marian that she and Elias Finn ran off Philadelphia to get married when it was clear her father would never approve. They had a child together, but the labor nearly killed Peggy, and when she regained consciousness, the baby boy was dead.

When Mr. Scott found out, he forced Elias to say he had been previously married and got their marriage legally annulled. Peggy has been back in Doylestown to look for the midwife but could not trace her.

The letter from Mr. Raikes said that he couldn't find the midwife either. Marian expresses her sympathy to Peggy, urging her to tell Agnes before Armstrong does.

In Newport, Oscar, Gladys, Larry, and another girl play tennis. Mrs. Fish asks about Mrs. Russell's husband and the trial. Mrs. Russell insists he's fine.

Everyone congratulates Oscar and Gladys on their win. Mr. Adams shows up unexpectedly, greeting everyone. He is introduced to the Russells, and he says he feels he knows them all through Oscar.

Mr. Adams tells them he's staying at the Chateau-Sur-Mer, and when he heard they were here, he came to say hello. Mrs. Fish invites Mr. Adams to dinner.

At Mr. Russell's hearing, the lawyers say they have some new evidence, and the judge asks if it will affect the outcome. The lawyers say it may. The judge asks what it is, and they say it's a whom.

Miss Ainsley is there with the papers. The lawyers introduce her to the judge, surprising her. They ask her if she is familiar with anyone in the courtroom besides themselves and Mr. Russell. She says no. The lawyer asks Mr. Dixon to stand. He asks if she knows him. She says no.

The lawyer then asks why she was at Bloomingdales with Mr. Dixon. Miss Ainsley says she used his charge account and wasn't there with him. Mr. Dixon shouts at her to shut up.

Bridget continues to tail Jack.

The questioning of Miss Ainsley continues. The lawyer asks when she gave the note (in which Mr. Russell asked him to cut corners because of the expense) to Mr. Dixon. She says that Mr. Russell had written it a while before the crash, but she knew it might be helpful, so she kept it. She knew that Mr. Dixon was appropriating money.

The lawyer asks why the note was written. Miss Ainsley explains that Mr. Russell had gotten an estimate for renovating his office, but it was too expensive, so he went elsewhere. The judge acquits Mr. Russell, telling Mr. Dixon and Miss Ainsley that he will let the prosecutor know about what has transpired.

Mr. Russell notes that the luck of Marian going into Bloomingdales saved him. Miss Ainsley apologizes to Mr. Russell. He tells her she should go to jail. Mr. Russell says he's going to keep track of her, and if she ever applies for a job higher than scrubbing floors, he'll make sure she doesn't get it.

Jack arrives at a cemetery. He lays the flowers at a grave. Bridget watches from behind a tree. Jack notices her, and she steps out. Bridget explains that she and Mrs. Bauer were curious.

It's the grave of his mother, who died when he was nine, in the Peshtigo fire of 1871, along with his aunt and baby cousin. No bodies were found -- the grave is just a marker. Jack explains that his father died five years later. He says he visits her once a week during the month of her birthday.

Bridget asks Jack if he has any siblings. He tells her he has two brothers, but they lost touch.

At dinner, Mrs. Fish asks why Mrs. Russell is so happy and if it's about the trial. Mrs. Russell says Mr. Russell sends his best wishes. Mrs. Fish asks Mr. McAllister if he has persuaded Mrs. Russell to build a home in Newport. Mrs. Fane asks Mrs. Russell about the ball, worried it may be happening too soon. Mr. Adams flirts with Gladys.

Mrs. Russell notes that Adams and Gladys are getting along. Oscar says they must guard her closely. Mrs. Russell tells him that's her job.

Mrs. Fish tells Larry he will be a team leader. They head to the parlor for some games.

Carrie asks her mother, Mrs. Astor, why she won't receive Mrs. Russell and lists the new money folks with whom Mrs. Astor keeps company. Mrs. Astor says the Russells came from nothing. Carrie calls her unkind.

Bannister tells Peggy that Agnes is ready to receive her and tells Armstrong to come up and join them in ten mines.

Agnes and Ada ask about the baby, but Peggy says she doesn't know what happened to him because she couldn't find the midwife.

Armstrong joins them. Agnes clarifies what was in the letter Armstrong read. Armstrong begins to speak, but Agnes cuts her off, saying she will have her turn. Agnes indicates that Armstrong said Peggy had an illegitimate child, but the truth is she was a married mother whose child died. Agnes shares that she has also lost children.

Armstrong insists that she was only trying to preserve the reputation of the house. Agnes dismisses her. Peggy says she will leave -- she can no longer handle how Armstrong treats her. Peggy thanks Agnes and Ada for their kindness. Ada thanks her for her work. Agnes asks her to reconsider.

Peggy goes upstairs to pack. Ada asks why not just get a new maid, but Agnes doesn't want to go to the trouble. Marian says Peggy won't change her mind.

Peggy leaves with her suitcase. Agnes asks her to stay, calling herself feeble for choosing Armstrong over Peggy. Peggy says she'll be fine and thanks Agnes for the opportunity. Agnes encourages Peggy and expresses admiration for her strength. They part on respectful terms.

In Newport, Mrs. Fane asks why they even spend so much time in New York. Aurora asks having Mrs. Astor here every summer will change things. Mrs. Russell asks how much did Beechwood cost, and Mr. McAllister tells her $200,000.

He offers to take Mrs. Russell there, saying he knows the butler, who usually comes out two days before Mrs. Astor does. Gladys asks if she has to come, but Mrs. McAllister says she should stay with her. Aurora wonders why they shouldn't wait until Mrs. Astor is in town.

Peggy returns to her mother. Mrs. Scott asks why Mrs. Van Rhijn couldn't have fired Armstrong. Peggy admits that she was friends with Marian in the end and that Marian is getting married.

Mrs. Scott asks Peggy what she plans to do with her future. Peggy says she'll stay here for a bit and continue her work at the Globe. Her mother says Mr. Scott might take issue.

Mr. McAllister and Mrs. Russell head to Beechwood and bribe Mr. Hefty, the butler. Mr. McAllister shows Aurora and Mrs. Russell around.

Mrs. Astor arrives in her carriage. They have to "get rid of Mrs. Russell." The footman shows her out the back way, through the kitchen, and out the back, with the servants.

Mr. McAllister and Mrs. Fane greet Mrs. Astor as she arrives at Beechwood.

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