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Murphy is commuting on a bus and listening to music.

At the hospital, all the docs are talking about a gala.

Doctor Park is introduced to everyone.

Dr. Murphy and Dr. Reznick are consulting with a patient, Spirit, who was born with a deformity that needs to be corrected. Her heart is not covered by a breastplate. She tells them she's never been hugged. 

Dr. Melendez, Dr. Browne and Dr. Kalu are working with Eric, a child and liver transplant patient whose body is rejecting his first donated liver. He is going to need a new one, so Dr. Browne and Dr. Kalu are instructed to find one.

Allegra Aoki is in charge of the gala. She walks into Dr. Glassman's office complaining she needs a new keynote speaker because the one she had wasn't available. She asks Dr. Glassman for his help finding one.

Eric is having a liver biopsy. He's had them before and knows it's going to hurt. Dr.Park calms him down and gives him advice on how to distract his mind and focus. 

Dr. Murphy and Dr. Blond are doing a scan on Spirit to assess her chest before surgery. They discover her heart has enlarged 53 percent and they won't be able to do the surgery. Dr. Resnick is talking to Dr. Murphy about a tuxedo. She insists he purchase an expensive tux because she says that is how he will be judged and there are a lot of people to impress at the gala. 

A man in prison for seven murders is a donor for the boy. He's blood type is O, so it's next to impossible to find him a donor and this will be the boy's second liver and his only hope. He's trying to make amends by donating his liver and the doctors are discussing whether he should be allowed to donate. Dr. Park doesn't trust him and is against it. They got approval, though, so the prisoner is coming.

Back to Spirit. Her menstrual cycle made her heart grow too much. They have a plan to wait until she's 18, but she doesn't want to wait and is angry.

Dr. Park, Dr. Kalu and Dr. Browne are prepping a room for the prisoner and Dr. park is going overboard. He is convinced the prisoner will try to hurt someone or escape or both.

Dr.Kalu asks Dr. Browne to the gala.

Eric doesn't want the liver because it's from a murderer and he thinks it's evil.

Dr. Reznick has an idea on how to fix Spirit's chest by creating an expandable sternum that grows with the patient, but Dr. Murphy disagrees with it because it's experimental. 

Akoi is asking Aiden to speak at the gala. They flirt.

The prisoner is being brought to the hospital. Slow mo. Ominous music. Dr. Park makes a snide comment to the other two docs about not worrying, throwing her comment back at her (10:25) "Don't worry, he tutors inmates and volunteers at the library."

Prisoner has long fingernails and Dr. Park makes a comment about cocaine. Boris, the prisoner replies that he makes jewelry and his long nails make it easier.

Akoi talking to Dr. Andrews while he's prepping for surgery. She wants to know if she should make a move on Aiden because there was a spark. He says she can't date a donor.

Eric is panicking and throwing a fit because he doesn't want the prisoner's liver. Dr. Park calms him. He has to because Eric is dying of liver failure and must get this liver.

Shawn is talking to Dr. Andrews and how he looks. Asks for tuxedo advice. His advice is to rent and basically tells him only his talent matters.

Back to the prisoner. Armed guards are outside the operating room. He's having an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. His eyes and tongue swell up. The doctors had to intubate and give him steroids, but he can't have the surgery because he can't have anesthesia. Bors wants them to try again. He's upset that he can't do something good. 

Dr. Melendez is talking to Eric's parents. He only has one day to live.

In the operating room with Dr. Murphy and Dr. Resnick,. Resnick is trying to convince Shawn that Dr. Andrews is lying to him. They are operating on spriti. Her new sternum fits over her heart. Reznick says she likes Shawn but doesn't respect him and he uses his autism as a crutch.

On the way out of the hospital and back to prison, Boris takes the guards gun. Park is talking him down and finds out Boris wants to kill himself. He doesn't want life saving measures. Dr. Browne tells him not to kill himself, but Dr. Park says it's up to him (Boris.) He then shoots himself in the mouth and kills himself.

Boris's liver is harvested.

At the gala, Aiden and Aiko are flirting and agree to a date..

Back with Eric, Claire is rushing him to surgery and is talking him into taking the liver because Boris killed himself to save him. He agrees.

In with Spirit telling her the operation was successful. She asks for a hug and gets one from her mother for the first time.

Shawn showed up to the gala. Dr. Reznick encourages him to mingle.

In the locker room, Park and Browne talk about the prisoner. Browne is impressed with the sacrifice Boris made. Park isn't.

Back at the gala, Browne and Kalu show up and go to dance. Shawn is still by himself and anxious, holding his plastic scalpel. He gets overwhelmed and leaves.

Shawn is back on the hospital floor. He goes to visit Spirit and watches her with her friends, chatting and hugging.

At the Gala, Browne and Kalu are dancing. He's realizing he's more into her than she is into him. Jared loves her but she doesn't love him and he's just realizing that. He breaks up with her.

Shawn returned to the Gala with more confidence. He introduces himself to a group of doctors and makes small talk. He looks proud of himself.

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Now don't worry. He's been a model inmate for nine years and tutors the other prisoners at the library.

Dr. Park

Hugs make me feel trapped.

Dr. Murphy