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The episode opens with Shaun laying awake in bed. Water is dripping from his sink, and it's clearly bothering him. He gets out of bed and tears his house apart to look for something. He calls Dr. Aaron Glassman over to help him find whatever he is looking for that he can't find. We learn that he is looking for a screwdriver. 

Dr. Glassman is concerned about Shaun. He wants to know why he can't go buy a new screwdriver at the hardware store down the street.  

Shaun tells Dr. Glassman that he cannot buy a new screwdriver because he wants his. Dr. Glassman tells him to stop and take a moment to calm down.

Shaun appears to be having a meltdown. He says he can't stay at that apartment because the dishwasher doesn't work and the shower has someone else's hair in the drain. 

Dr. Glassman finds the screwdriver in fridge. Shaun forgot that he left it there when he was fixing a drawer in the fridge. Aaron tells him that he can get the super to fix things for him and suggests that he make a list of things that need to be repaired later. He makes Shaun go to bed.

At the hospital, Dr. Neil Melendez, Dr. Claire Browne, and Dr. Jared Kalu are talking about a patient who is 22 weeks pregnant. The fetus has a tumor on it, and the mother has a disease that makes pregnancy difficult. She has already had 3 miscarriages.

Shaun runs in and suggests that they order an ultrasound and MRI. He yawns during the conversation. Melendez says he doesn't understand why Shaun is tired when he had 12 hours off. 

Dr. Browne tries to stick up for him but Melendez asks why she always does that. She says they're all on the same team, but Melendez says  there can only be 1 starter but there are now 3 quarterbacks. 

After the ultrasound, they discover that the tumor on the fetus has grown but is not cancerous. It is, however, taking blood supply from the baby. The baby cannot be viable, and Melendez says the safest course is to terminate the pregnancy.

The mother and father want to save their baby and say that they know Melendez has done surgery like this on a fetus before. 

Shaun happily suggests a solution in front of the patient, and outside the patient's room, Melendez tells him not to contradict him in front the patient ever again. Shaun says he agreed with Melendez but thought of a way to fix the problem and that is why he shared.

Claire helps Shaun with the suggestion by providing more information on the suggestion, and Melendez agrees to the surgery. 

Melendez then gets a call from Dr. Marcus Andrews requesting he needs help in the ER. Melendez sends Claire and Shaun, but Claire is upset because it was their ideas that convinced him to do the fetal surgery.

She doesn't understand why they're being punished. Melendez says he is punishing Shaun for being late but he doesn't trust Shaun alone with the patient. Since Claire always likes to stick up for him, he is sending her to help him. 

Claire and Shaun go to the ER to deal with a patient with a boil on her labia.

Melendez tells Andrews about the fetal surgery and says the patient wants it. Andrews asks if the patient wants it or if Melendez wants it. He worries that a high-risk surgery like this could be bad for hospital if the patient dies. Melendez assures Andrews that his judgment is not clouded and that he thinks the surgery will be successful. 

In the ER, Claire examines the 18-year-old with the boil and says her abscess is likely the result of an untreated Chlamydia infection. Claire says she will be fine once they treat the abscess and give her antibiotics 

The woman is in a lot of pain. Shaun wants to know if he can try the examination because he thinks he can do it in a way that won't hurt her. Claire reluctantly agrees and he is successful.

Claire wants to know if they can call the girl's parents and she refuses. The girl doesn't understand how she didn't know about her Chlamydia because she gets an STD test every 30 days for work. She tells them that she does porn.  

Melendez is in the OR to the fetal surgery with the team. He says the difficult part will be putting the fetus back into the uterus. Then, Jessica Preston, a hospital board member and his fiancee, comes into the OR to talk to him.

Jessica takes Melendez to her office, where the father of the baby is. He says he doesn't want to do surgery and that his wife isn't thinking rationally. Melendez says that a husband can't stop a wife from having surgery. Jessica says that a father can stop a doctor from operating on his child.

Jared talks to Claire about the girl who does porn and wants to know if she does porn with stories. Shaun joins the conversation, and Jared laughs at him and asks if he watches porn. Claire asks why Shaun wouldn't watch porn since he's a guy and all guys watch porn.

At this moment, Melendez walks in and tells the residents to go home and sleep because the fetal surgery has been put on hold. 

Later that night, the board meets to talk about the fetal surgery. Jessica says once the fetus has been removed, it becomes a child and the father has right to refuse surgery. Dr. Glassman says it's the women's body and her right to choose.  

Glassman and Melendez are comfortable going forward with the surgery, but Andrews is not. Jessica is not as well because parental consent is an ethical problem. Allegra, Glassman, and Melendez all say the fetus will die and so will the mother. 

Dr. Melendez goes to the couple and tells them the board has approved the surgery. The husband still doesn't want to do it, and his wife says if he loved her, he would want the surgery. He says he is trying to protect her, but she asks him for his support, not his protection. 

Jared and Claire are in bed. Claire says she can't believe the girl does porn because she doesn't seem like the type. Jared says she just met her so she doesn't really know if she is the type. Claire says she volunteered at a shelter and met many sex workers there. Jared is shocked that she opened up to him and shared something personal. 

Jared says they should share personal stuff with each other more often, but Claire uses sex to get him to stop talking about it. 

Jessica and Neil are also in bed. They discuss the fetal surgery and the mother. Jessica wonders if she is of sound mind or is on a suicide mission.

Jessica says she can adopt a child, but Neil says it's not the same because it's not carrying the baby inside of her for 9 months. Jessica says it's selfish for her to go through this and to put her husband through so much when she could just adopt a baby. 

Neil asks Jessica if she wants children, and Jessica says yes but wants to know what will happen if she cannot get pregnant. Neil asks if she's keeping something from him. Jessica does not answer her question. Instead, she tells him not to call her ideas ridiculous in a meeting. 

Shaun is on a bus to his home and looking at advertisements of women. Then, in a flashback, his brother quickly hides a magazine when Shaun walks into the room. Shaun wants to read it and brother shows him a dirty magazine. 

Back in the present, Shaun says he missed his stop. The bus driver says he should have been paying attention and lets Shaun off the bus. Shaun stands on the sidewalk and pulls out his comforting plastic toy knife.

Shaun continues standing on the sidewalk when his neighbor, Lea, drives by and stops. She picks him up to take him home.

Shaun tells her she stinks because she went to the gym. She tells Shaun he's a bad neighbor for keeping her up at night by being loud. Shaun explains that he was anxious about his dripping faucet. Lea likes that he says what's on her mind, unlike most guys she knows.

Once he gets home, Shaun knocks on his super's door with his list of needed repairs. The super asks Shaun what his problem is because it is 12:40 am. Shaun says Dr. Glassman told him he could call on his super at any time. The super says that is not true unless it's a fire or a flood. He only works 9-5, and he takes the list from Shaun before slamming the door in his face. 

Dr. Glassman and Shaun eat breakfast together in the cafeteria. Shaun has told him about the encounter with the super. Dr. Glassman says it's his fault because he should have known Shaun would take his advice literally.

Then, he changes his mind and says it's not his fault because Shaun is smart and can be responsible and use common sense. 

Dr. Glassman tells Shaun he needs to learn how to handle situations when things don't go his way. He suggests Shaun get a personal support worker to help him at home, but Shaun says he can take care of himself because he has lived by himself for a long time. Aaron says San Jose is different than Casper, Wyoming. 

Shaun gets upset and loudly says he doesn't need an aide. Glassman says okay, and Shaun ruffles his own hair to calm himself down. 

Dr. Melendez talks to the husband. The husband says he is trying to convince her not to do the surgery. He doesn't understand why Melendez is so desperate to do the surgery, and that if she dies, it will be the doctor's fault. Melendez says he isn't desperate, he's confident.  

In the OR, Dr. Andrews is working on the porn actress' abscess. Andrews gives Shaun praise for his work on the pelvic exam.

Andrews says he doesn't understand how a person who can't shake someone's hand can do a pelvic exam. Shaun explains that people squeeze too hard and that is why he also doesn't like handshakes or hugs.

Andrews asks about hugs from people he likes or loves and then asks Shaun if he's ever had a girlfriend. Shaun says he almost kissed a girl once. Shaun then asks Andrews if he is trying to mock him or encourage him.

Andrews says he is trying to get to know him so he knows when he should mock and when he should encourage him. Shaun asks when the right time to mock him is. This causes Andrews to turn back to his patient.

Claire says something is wrong because the swelling isn't going down. They discover there's a mass beneath the abscess. 

Back in the patient's room, Shaun and Claire explain that she has a thyroid tumor that isn't cancerous but is why the area is so painful. Claire says they will have to sever the nerve to get rid of the tumor so she will lose all feelings in her genitals.

The girl is upset by this and says God is punishing her. Shaun asks if she is religious, and she says yes, or at least she used to be but hasn't thought about God in a really long time

Claire asks if she's sure she doesn't want them to call her parents. She says she can't bear to see the looks of disappointment on their faces. 

In the OR with the fetal surgery, the mother has heart attack after being cut open. They quickly pull her out of surgery.

Back in her room, they explain that a blood clot blocked an artery and gave her a heart attack. Melendez says they need to terminate the fetus now. The mother doesn't want to give up, and the husband says they need to try again because if they don't do it, she dies. 

The board meets again. They are discussing whether or not they will get sued by the patients if they do or do not perform the surgery. Andrews blames Melendez for giving the patient too much hope.  

Melendez wants to lie and say they will do the surgery, but when they get her under anesthesia, they will terminate the pregnancy. The others are furious with the suggestion because they can't knowingly lie to a patient.  

Dr. Glassman gets Andrews to calm down but tells Melendez they can't perform a surgery on a patient without their consent. Melendez says he doesn't want to do the surgery because of the risks. 

Jared goes to the board and says he has an idea.

The board agrees to his idea. They will stop her heart and put her on a bypass machine without the risk of heart attack. There are still other risks with this surgery but it is the safest way to try to save the fetus. The patient thanks Jared for his idea, and they agree to do the surgery first thing in the morning. 

At Shaun's home that evening, the sink is fixed, and he goes to super's apartment to complain because it wasn't on his list. Shaun says he needs the sink to drip at the same speed it dripped in Casper, Wyoming.

The super is confused and tells him to move if he doesn't like it. He threatens to punch him if he knocks on the door again after 5 pm. 

Melendez and Jared are both up all night worrying about and preparing for the fetal surgery. Meanwhile, Shaun is up all night to work on his sink and to get it to drip again like his sink in Casper. 

The next morning, they take the mother into surgery. 

In the porn actress' hospital room, Shaun runs in with an idea to save her nerves. Shaun says that nerves are like pipes, and they can reroute her nerves so she loses feeling in her thigh and not her genitals. Andrews says it would have been better to discuss it prior to meeting with the patient, but they can try it. 

In the OR, Andrews lets Shaun do the test on the nerves to see if his idea worked. It did. Andrews tells him and Claire that they did a good job. He says if either of them needs him for anything, his door is always open. 

The girl wakes up from her surgery and is excited that her nerves worked. She asks Claire to call her parents.  

In the OR with the mother, the operation appears to be going well. They remove the tumor from the baby. 

Dr. Glassman looks up autism support networks for Shaun and takes notes on his research in his office. 

The mother wakes up after her surgery and says I told you so to her husband. Melendez tells them that she and their son are doing great, but she will need bed rest for the next 4 months of pregnancy. 

Claire and Jared are excited about their successful days. Jared invites Shaun out to drink and celebrate with him and Claire. Shaun agrees and goes to a bar with them. 

At the bar, Shaun looks uncomfortable and says he has to go home now. Claire tells him not worry and that they won't stay too long. Shaun looks at a woman who is looking at him.

In a flashback, a girl named Colleen comes up to Shaun in a park. Colleen thinks Shaun is cute and tells him to come with her. She tells Shaun she'll show him hers if he shows her his.

Shaun asks for a kiss because he wants to know what it feels like. She tells Shaun that she will kiss him if he takes off his pants. Young Shaun says he has to leave when a group of kids comes up and begins laughing at him.

Colleen says she can't believe Shaun was about to take off his pants and thought she would kiss a weirdo like him. His brother, Steve, grabs Shaun and tells the other kids to leave him alone. 

Back in the present, Jared, Claire, and Shaun toast to their successful day but Shaun is still bothered by the woman looking at him and by the entire bar. 

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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Dr. Claire Browne: We’re all on the same team.
Dr. Neil Melendez: Yes, but you’re all quarterbacks. And when training camp is over, there’s only going to be one starter.

I volunteered at a shelter for runaway teens when I was in high school. I got to know a lot of sex workers. They're not all the same, but they do have the same armor.

Dr. Claire Browne