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The episode begins with Shaun leaving his apartment. He knocks on Lea's old apartment door and then leaves. He goes to the hospital cafeteria for pancakes and looks around for something. 

A patient comes into the ER. It is a man who had a stroke coming in with his wife and son.

Dr. Andrews takes Shaun and Jared to work on a patient who burned her hand. Shaun wants to know if that is punishment because the case is not interesting. Andrews is mad at Shaun for asking and walks away. 

The three doctors are with the woman, and the patient begins having chest pains but her vitals are stable. Shaun says now it is interesting because they don't know what is causing this. 

In the OR, Claire and the brain surgeon are working on stroke patient. He has a ruptured aneurysm. The surgeon tells Claire that Coyle got transferred but got a raise with transfer. 

The burn victim has a lung inflammation. She says she could have inhaled smoke. Jared touches the woman on the arm, and she tells him not to touch her except for medical purposes. Shaun says the grease fire doesn't make sense because she told them she forgot the stove was hot. 

Claire goes to Aoki wondering why she didn't fire Coyle. Aoki says she can't make a habit of firing everyone based on one woman saying she was harassed with no proof. So, she transferred him to an assignment he won't like and he will quit. Claire is devastated. She tells Claire that if she has other ideas, she looks forward to hearing them. 

Claire goes to the neurosurgeon to show her another aneurysm on their patient. 

Melendez, Jared, and Shaun work with scope to look at lungs of burn victim. Jared says he knows that Melendez is mad at him, but he sued the hospital because he wanted to be there and learn from him. Melendez ignores him.

Shaun asks Melendez if breaking up with his fiancee was traumatic and asks how long it takes to get over a breakup with a woman he loves. 

Melendez sees no smoke damage in her lungs but does see inflammation. Shaun says that makes sense because he didn't believe her story. They have to move her to the OR because Melendez punctures the bronchus and she is hemorrhaging. 

in the OR, Jared is asking questions, but Melendez ignores him. Shaun asks if he and Jared are even now because Jared made a mistake and now Melendez did too. The puncture on the burn victim was his fault. 

Shaun goes to Glassman to ask where he was at breakfast because they always have breakfast every Monday. Shaun asks if he needs to report Melendez, but he wants to know if Melendez will treat him like Jared if he reports it. Glassman says he shouldn't but human nature might make him. Glassman tells him to make the decision himself like they agreed. 

Andrews talks with the neurosurgeon about options for the aneurysm patient. Andrews looks at his list of surgeons and says the best one isn't available because he was transferred. The neurosurgeon talks to Claire about it, and she says no because she agreed that he should be fired, even if he is skilled. Claire says either he matters or we matter. 

Jessica goes to Melendez to ask if he was upset during the procedure and that caused the puncture. Jessica says she has to ask him these questions and needs a statement from him about it all. He says he wasn't distracted and didn't screw up. 

Jared and Shaun talk to their patient and she starts to get sick and vomit. 

Claire and the neurosurgeon talk to their patient's wife about surgery options and what could happen with and without it. She says no to the surgery, even though he will die without it. She says it will take him too long to recover and his first recovery from stroke was too frustrated and painful. She says he made it clear that he never wanted to live in that condition. 

Shaun and Claire eat breakfast in the cafeteria. Shaun says people lie a lot and there are 7 reasons he thought of. He wants to know if people ever lie without a reason. Claire says no and looks at her phone. Shaun says that she lied for reason 6. She wanted to avoid the conversation. She says she is distracted about the aneurysm patient because the wife doesn't want the surgery. She says she could never make that decision. Shaun says the wife is lying because she doesn't love him. Shaun says if you love someone, you'll do anything to prevent their death. 

Jessica and Melendez talk. Jessica says there is a conflict of interest so she wants to bring someone else in from legal to handle the case. She is frustrated that he won't give her complete answers. He says she's trusting Shaun over him. Melendez says he isn't perfect but the punctured bronchus was not his fault. 

Claire goes to talk to the wife. She says it's a great sacrifice of her to respect his wishes and let him go. She says she must love him very much. The wife says nothing. Claire says there could be another explanation. She asks if she hates him enough to let him die.

Claire tells her about what Coyle did to her and how it made her feel. She says he never hurt her, but she can't imagine what she would want to do if he did. She asks what her husband did to her. The wife says he's a good father. Claire says he isn't because a good father doesn't hurt the mother. The wife says her son doesn't know. Claire says someone can help her. She gives her information on help for domestic violence victims. The wife says that her son is better off with the memory of a loving father than with the truth. She tells Claire to let him die.  

Drs. Melendez, Murphy, and Kalu learn that methanol is causing the burn victim's stomach pain. It could be alcohol, but Jared says she is Muslim so she wouldn't drink alcohol. Shaun says these chemicals are used in the pharmaceutical industry. Jared says she is a school teacher. Shaun says it is something she inhaled from chemicals. It is used in chemical weapons. Shaun says she could be a school teacher and a terrorist. 

Claire talks with the neurosurgeon. Claire tells her what the wife said. The neurosurgeon says they have to operate on him because the wife isn't acting in his best interest. Claire is upset that they are treating him to keep him abusing his wife, but she agrees to get consent from the wife. 

Shaun, Jared, and Melendez discuss their patient. The patient doesn't want the methanol treatment because she is Muslim and doesn't want alcohol in her system. Shaun says he thinks she's a terrorist because it's the easiest way to explain her symptoms and her lie. Shaun wonders why they don't have to report it. Shaun says it doesn't matter if she didn't actually do it. Melendez says Shaun is wrong and he wants to know if she's not better in the next two hours. 

Claire tells the wife that she has to consent to her husband's surgery. Claire encourages her to leave him and start a new life. The wife says she is afraid and Claire says that isn't the answer. Claire says they will have to take it to court and that she doesn't have doctor/patient confidentiality because she is not her patient. Claire says the son will find out the truth either way. The wife signs the consent form. Claire tells her she is stronger than she thinks she is. 

Shaun goes to the burn victim and tells her the methanol toxicity is working. Shaun says that her symptoms are related to chemical weapons. She says she didn't expect that from him because he has autism and is different and has experienced bigotry. He says he's not prejudiced, he has evidence. Shaun says she is sweating and that perspiration is a sign of lying. Then her chest starts to hurt, which Shaun said can be a sign of anxiety. This time, though, she is having a heart attack. 

Melendez talks to the other lawyer. She says it's good that he's handling it better. 

In the aneurysm surgery, Claire and the neurosurgeon work on their patient. The neurosurgeon tells Claire that sometimes things still suck, even when they do the right thing. They have to terminate the procedure because his blood pressure starts spiking. Claire and the neurosurgeon discuss what could have happened. They missed something and need to figure out what it was. 

Shaun, Melendez, and Jared discuss why the patient would have a heart attack when she is so young. Shaun said her heart is burning from the chemicals and that caused her bronchus to be thin so it could be punctured easily. Jared says it could be caused by an infection from the bacteria that leaked when the puncture happened. Shaun says if they give her antibiotics but she needs steroids, it will suppress her immune system and cause the infection to flourish. So, they must be right about the cause or she could die. 

Jared says they need to bring another attending in to work on the case because if Shaun is right, Melendez is exonerated. If Jared is right, though, he could have killed her. Melendez says to put her on antibiotics, and Shaun says that is a bad decision. He says he shouldn't make a decision thinking he might have screwed up because he is arrogant and that makes him a good surgeon.  

Claire and the neurosurgeon go to the wife to discuss the cause of the blood pressure spiking. The husband wasn't taking his medications. They think she was emptying his capsules and putting sugar or salt in there. She says she isn't strong enough to kill him. Claire asks if there is a chance that her son knows more than she thinks he does. 

Shaun and Jared work on the burn victim. Her heart rate is going up but it should be going down. Jared says they need to change it to steroids. Shaun says she will die. Jared says it's on him.  

Melendez goes to Shaun and Jared to see what happened with the patient. Jared's decision to switch to steroids was right. Shaun says Melendez should thank Jared because he was wrong about the antibiotics and Jared saved him. Melendez thanks him and leaves. Jared smiles at Shaun. 

Claire watches as the wife talks to her son. The son breaks down crying and hugs his mother. 

Shaun knocks on Lea's old door and someone answers. He introduces himself, and the guy asks if he wants to come in for a drink. Shaun says no. 

Claire and the neurosurgeon scrub out. The surgery went well for the aneurysm patient. Claire says she is not looking forward to telling the family it went well. She goes to the waiting room, and the mother and son are gone. 

Jared tells the burn victim that she is going to be fine. Shaun says she is a terrorist. She says her brother works for a company that uses it in medicine and that he stole some for her so that she could make perfume. Shaun doesn't believe her at first, but she tells him to smell her perfume. Shaun believes her and tells her it was stupid of her to do. 

Coyle's transfer means that Melendez has to take on his residents too. He tells Jared that he can only keep three residents next year so Jared will have to work hard. 

Jessica goes to Melendez and says that he was right. She says maybe they made a mistake. Neil says that just because they're sad doesn't mean that it was right or that he would be a good husband. 

Claire meets a woman named Kristen on a bench. Claire says she is doing research on women who worked with Coyle and then quit. She says she was harassed by Coyle and she thinks Kristen was too. Kristen doesn't say anything. Claire says if they do it together, it could make things better. Kristen appears to be tearing up. The two talk. 

Shaun goes to Glassman's office and asks if they can have breakfast tomorrow. Glassman says he would love to but they talked about how Glassman would back off if Shaun stayed and would be less fatherly. Shaun says he doesn't need a father because he hates fathers but that he needs a friend. Glassman says he is someone who gives advice and doesn't know if he can stop himself. Shaun asks Glassman if he thinks Shaun can change, why can't he? Glassman says they can't magically make their relationship different. Shaun says he thinks Glassman should be his friend with tears in his eyes. Shaun goes to leave and Glassman calls out to him. Shaun ignores him and closes the door. 

Shaun goes home. He takes out a pine tree car scent and smells it to think of his trip with Lea.  

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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Nasha: I didn't expect this from you.
Shaun: I made a statement.
Nasha: But you're different.
Shaun: I have autism.
Nasha: You've experienced bigotry.
Shaun: Yes.
Nasha: Have people refused to serve you? Have you seen people change their flight because of you? Have people cursed you out before you've opened your mouth?

Shaun: Jared saved her life. If he hadn't acted so quickly, she would have died and that would have been your fault.
Melendez: Yes, it would have.
Shaun: You should thank him.
Melendez: Thank you, Dr. Kalu.