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Claire and Morgan went for brunch and mimosas, argued a little, and set off to help Claire's mother who claimed she had been evicted from her apartment. 

However, Morgan's knack for finding out the truth put the two of them on a path to finding out the truth. It turns out, Claire's mother lied about her boyfriend trying to attack her, and that he proposed to her instead. 

Meanwhile, Neil and Lim tried to assess their feelings for each other, but quickly realized they had to stay apart. 

Andrews was put under a microscope as a result of what happened in the hospital during the outbreak. 

He quickly learned that Neil, Lim, and Shaun were on the chopping block as a result of their actions. 

Alex got close to his wife Mia once again and set out to find a way for them to make it work. Despite being hesitant, Mia agreed that they could take baby steps to try and fix things. 

Also, Glassman went on a day trip with Shaun and Lea, and they had such a good day that he decided to go with the aggressive form of treatment. 



The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

I am so sorry for pushing you, but you know I am right.


Lea: Holy crap, Shaun.
Shaun: You’re a good dancer.
Lea: No, I’m not.