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Shaun tries to get back into surgery, but Han vetoes it. 

Lim asks Shaun to expedite the results of what happened to Laura's baby. 

The test seems to make it seem the mother was shaking her baby, and causing problems. 

When Lim reluctantly gets the baby taken away, Laura flips out. 

It is later revealed that the baby had the injury as a result of the vacuum pregnancy. 

Laura forgives Lim but tells her that her actions are a result of her being too detached from everyone. 

That gave her the drive to take her relationship with Neil to the next level and they told Andrews about it. 

Elsewhere, Freddy needed a lot of surgery to take a huge tumor away. 

In the process, his life was on the line. 

The surgeons managed to save him, thanks to Shaun. 

Shaun turns to Han to get his job back, and has a breakdown. 

Shaun flips out and gets fired from the hospital for his actions, and Claire steps in to help pick up the pieces.  

The Good Doctor
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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Claire: He's crashing. We need to get Murphy in here.
Han: We don't have time.
Neil: I'm trying to save my patient's life. Murphy has a special talent.

I want my old job back.