On The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 6, Lim refuses to acknowledge her own struggles while dealing with a patient who has severe PTSD from his tour of duty.

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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 6 revolves around trauma.

Lim is struggling to deal with everything that happened during the COVID pandemic. While riding her bike too close to traffic, she comes across a guy who's been run over. She takes him to the hospital and gets started on his care.

During surgery, Lim refuses to talk about why she was on her bike in that part of town. The patient, Ben, turns out to be an Afghanistan vet who suffers from severe PTSD. He constantly has flashbacks and lashes out at others, including his girlfriend, Zoey, who is the only one who knows how to help him.

Zoey tells Lim that they have tried everything but nothing works. Claire comes up with an experimental treatment but Lim doesn't think it's a good idea.

Meanwhile, Lim is also stressed out from Shaun refusing to help teach the first-year residents. A patient needs an abortion and Lim pushes Jordan to do it even though it goes against her religious beliefs, with Shaun supervising. She ends up supervising herself and doing the procedure herself, which causes her to explode.

Meanwhile, an older woman in the hospital claims to be an empath and insists Lim's distress is causing her symptoms.

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On The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 6, Lim treats a war veteran who is struggling with PTSD while she is still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Claire: What do you think of Asher?
Lim: He's fine.
Claire: Too fine if you ask me.
Lim: I don't have time for too fine.
Claire: He's walking around like he didn't just lose a patient.
Lim: Good, smiling releases serotonin even if you feel miserable.
Claire: Denial isn't healthy.
Lim: Neither is dwelling on things you can't change.

Claire: What were you doing on your bike at that hour?
Lim: Heading to work, trying to prepare for my budget meeting with Glassman.