Diane in meeting - The Good Fight Season 4 Episode 1
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Diane wakes up to a world where Hillary Clinton is elected president in 2016 over Donald Trump.

Though fazed by the turn of events, Diane is elated until she learns Harvey Weinstein is her new client.

When Diane asks Marissa about Weinstein's rape issues, Marissa says she didn't know there were any.

Diane, after leaving the Me Too movement hasn't been popularized and none of Weinstein’s sexual indiscretions ever came to light, meets with Weinstein's lawyers and learns she has to defend Weinstein against sexual assault allegations.

Diane is angry about it, but Adrian explains the law firm needs Weinstein's business to stay afloat.

Lucca defends Weinstein in court and is asked by his lawyer to go to his hotel room to sign some documents.

Diane warns Lucca against going, telling Lucca how the scenario will play out, but Lucca dismisses Diane's concerns.

Diane later attends a gala for Women Unite for Change and tries to singlehandedly start the Me Too movement, but she fails.

Diane then realizes she doesn't know where Kurt is, as she hasn't heard from him over the past few days.

Diane goes home and finds a man named Chris Lima fixing her bedroom door, but she can't remember why it needs fixing.

Diane then slowly remembers the swatting incident with her and Kurt and wakes up after being passed over for 10 minutes.


The Good Fight
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The Good Fight Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Diane: I dreamt that Donald Trump was our president.
Marissa: Ha, really, how’d that go?

Diane: Uh Marissa, I need to ask you a question.
Marissa: OK.
Diane: Who’s president?
Marissa: Who?
Diane: Yes.
Marissa: Diane, are you microdosing again?
Diane: No, well maybe. I don’t know. Isn’t Trump president?
Marissa: Haha, no.
Diane: So it’s Hillary?
Marissa: Yes.