Diane: I want you and Allegra to be name partners. I'll be an equity partner.
Liz: Why?
Diane: Five years ago when I hit rock bottom, this firm took me in. I don't like the idea of splitting this firm in two, and I can't lead if no one will follow.
Liz: And your clients?
Diane: We’ll manage them together.
Liz: You’re essential here Diane.
Diane: I know, but I think I need to prove myself.
Liz: I missed you.
Diane: I'm here.

Diane: Ma'am, is it true that you are thinking of trying Matteo for murder.
Vinetta: Yes. May I show you something?
Diane: Of course.
Vinetta: This is Christopher. He was walking home from school when he got caught in the crossfire of gang shootout. One of the gangs was Oscar Rivi’s. I did the eulogy Christopher's funeral. Ever done a eulogy for an 8-year-old?
Diane: No.
Vinetta: Not pleasant. This is Gabriel. He wanted to go to USC film school. He was killed by a corner boy who mistook him for somebody else.
Diane: I am sorry. I mean I can't say that I understand your pain, because, of course, I can't, but Matteo should be given over to the police, not held here.
Vinetta: The police haven't arrested anyone for those murders, any of these. Since the BLM Movement, they've pulled back from our streets. No one's coming to help. That's why I started this court. It's not a joke to us. It's not your firm's reality show…
Diane: Oh, that’s not my firm.
Vinetta: Actually it is Mrs. Lockhart. If I were you I would prepare your client for trial.

Diane: I should quit.
Kurt: What are you talking about?
Diane: That judge upstairs, she looked at me like I was the most entitled white bitch on the planet, and that's the way they look at me at work.
Kurt: No, no, no.
Diane: Yes, they do. I'm the top Karen. And why do I care? I could find another firm. I could quit. I can't impose my will on people who don't want me, and they don't want me.
Kurt: Diane, I'm going to stand on this cot because I want to be demonstrative.
Diane: I should videotape this.
Kurt: No, no, we're gonna forget this tomorrow. My worry is that you will make a decision you’re gonna regret.
Diane: I think Kurt, Almighty Kurt, I think I like starting over. I like the chutes and ladders of life. I want the corner office, but then I want to slip back to the beginning and fight for the corner office. I think maybe it's better that I don't get the top spot.
Kurt: OK, as long as you're happy, and we keep fucking.

Marissa: Then why care when Judge Wackner decides.
David Cord: Why?
Marissa: Yes, why should you defer to him? Why defer to anyone?
David Cord: Isn't that the point of this entire experiment? Judge Wackner judges because we, the people, do not like the Cook County judicial system.
Marissa: So if you don't like this court system, you'll just start a new one?
David Cord: I guess.
Marissa: So then why does this matter, this court?
David Cord: It matters only in so far as we continue to agree that it matters.
Marissa: So if you don't like Judge Wackner's rulings, you can just ignore them and create a new court?
David Cord: Yes, however, I'm guessing that I will like the way the judge decides.
Marissa: Your Honor, is this what you think? That it doesn't matter what you decide?
Wackner: I need a moment to consider my ruling.

Jay: Vinetta, we wanted to know if you recognize this boy.
Vinetta: Oh yeah, Mateo.
Jay: Do you know him?
Vinetta: From my basement.
Marissa: He's in your basement?
Vinetta: He's in a timeout.
Marissa: He's in a voluntary timeout?
Vinetta: Well, it depends on what you mean by voluntary, but I will say this, ever since I started up my court and began putting kids like Mateo in time out the neighborhood has been great.

Wackner: I’m sorry, what?
Marissa: It’s another court, and she has Mateo, the third kid.
Wackner: You’re kidding.
Marissa: No.
Wackner: You know what we got to do.
Marissa: Get Mateo out.
Wackner: No, I got to see this. It’s finally happening.
Marissa: What’s happening.
Wackner: Justice.

Wackner: What’s wrong?
Marissa: Is that real?
Wackner: I don’t understand. The case?
Marissa: Yeah, did Del send them in to add drama?
Wackner: What, no.
Marissa: Well that's a serious case. That's for real court, not us.
Wackner: We're real court.
Marissa: Not for issues like that.
Wackner: You don’t know that.
Marissa: This is crossing a line.

David Lee: So, first…
Allegra: I should warn you that I'm bad at interviewing. Also, I took some cough syrup this morning, so I'm a bit more intuitive than usual.
David Lee: You haven't worked in a law firm in 10 years, Ms. Jurado. Why come back now?
Allegra: It’s an interesting time.
David Lee: Why is that?
Allegra: After all fire all that's left are the foundations. It's a good time to rebuild.
David Lee: And how would you rebuild?
Allegra: Recently, I've become obsessed with space law.
David Lee: Sorry.
Allegra: Space law, mineral rights on the moon, real estate law on Mars.
David Lee: Well, it was nice to meet you.
Allegra: No it wasn't, but our second meeting will go better. I grow on people.
David Lee: Good to know. Ms. Jurado, what do you Liz and Diane see in you?
Allegra: They think I'll be a figurehead here, someone they can manipulate into agreeing with them.
David Lee: They both think that?
Allegra: Yes.
David Lee: And why do they both think that?
Allegra: Because I encouraged them to. I noticed in a partisan world, the person in the middle controls the agenda. Look at Joe Manchin. His wife didn't even know he existed last year, and now he controls America.

Carmen: Marissa, can we please talk about this another time?
Marissa: No, I know where his missing dealers are.
Carmen: What, where?
Marissa: Wackner’s court.
Carmen: I don’t understand. What are they doing there?
Marissa: They're being held for trial.
Carmen: What trial? it's not a real court.
The police are using it, they arrest drug dealers and bring them to court.
Marissa: They're police are using it. They arrest drug dealers and bring them to our court.
Carmen: Oh my god. They’re about to go to war in there.
Marissa: You have to stop Rivi from going apeshit. He’ll kill Wackner.
Carmen: Marissa, we have to tell him.
Marissa: OK, but the cops are not on your side. Wackner will let those corner boys. Go just give him a chance.
Carmen: Marissa, if I don't tell Rivi, he’s gonna kill those guys.
Marissa: So tell him and keep him in check until we can get his employees released.
Carmen: Law school never prepared me for this.

Wackner: Julius Cain, you have been charged with misusing parking privileges and with stealing court property. Of course, that means something to you because you do not respect this court, something I take personally, especially coming from a former judge convicted of bribery.
Liz: Mr. Wackner.
Wackner: No, you and your colleagues think you get to decide when and how justice is determined. You think it is your right to make and break the rules as you see fit.
Liz: Mr. Wackner, you're being unfair.
Wackner: You do not own the law, Mr. Cain. The law does not belong to you or your law firm. The law belongs to the people.

Marissa: What are you doing prosecuting Julius Cain?
Wackner: What am I doing? My job.
Marissa: But he's from our firm. S
Wackner: So?
Marissa; So it's bullshit. Let him go.
Wackner: No. You're the one that accused me of bending justice to give Del that happy ending he was looking for.
Marissa: This is different.
Wackner: How?
Marissa: Because he’s from your law firm.
Wackner: More the reason not to bend the rules for him.
Marissa: Oh my god, when did you become some person you become?

Allegra: So, I guess I'm looking to run a firm. What are your suggestions?
Liz: Did Diane Lockhart reached out to you?
Allegra: She did.
Liz: She suggested you come in here and talk about a position, so that I would offer the partnership here and think it was my idea.
Allegra: Yes.
Liz: Diane thinks that you will side with her in partnership decisions instead of me.
Allegra: That's right.
Liz: And what if I hire you? Will you do that?
Allegra: No.
Liz: Why?
Allegra: I'm not a political person. When people convinced me I side with them. That's why I clerked for Scalia and Ginsburg.
Liz: Will you tell Diane about this conversation.
Allegra: Only if she asks.

The Good Fight Quotes

Bad things happen to good people.


Maia: Are we on the right side on this one?
Diane: We're on a necessary side. People I thought with all my heart were guilty turned out to be innocent and people I thought were saints, they weren't. That's why you don't go on instinct. You wait, you listen and watch. Eventually everyone reveals himself.