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The season two premiere begins with Michael giving himself a pep talk before a conversation with his boss, Shawn, about version two of the Good Place. They'll be keeping everything from the first version but adding a bunch of stuff the humans will hate, and everyone will have new soulmates. Michael seems nervous but assures Shawn he will not let him down. Shawn, on the other hand, believes that both Michael and his neighborhood will go down in history as colossal failures.

Eleanor rereads the note Janet gives her, which says "ELEANOR- FIND CHIDI." She tries to call Janet back, but can't remember her name. She explores the neighborhood, looking for Chidi and meeting her neighbors. Eleanor bumps into Jason, asking if he's Chidi. The two have a silent moment, with Jason giving her a gear from a bike. Michael quickly interrupts.

Michael praises Eleanor's work as an environmental activist, and she covers for herself even as Michael informs her she was the top point getter in the neighborhood. He presents her with a "Best Person" sash and asks her to speak at the welcome party.

At the party, Eleanor tries to confess her secret to her new soulmate, but he excuses himself to go to the gym before she has the chance, just as he did when they first met. Eleanor's neighbors repeatedly approach her, offering alcohol. She refuses because she has to give a speech, but she eventually decides to do a couple of shots. As soon as she pours them, she hears Chidi's name and stops, pushing the drinks toward a person out of frame.

Eleanor runs to Chidi and confirms his identity, telling him that they need to talk.

Next, we see Chidi's arrival at the Good Place.Michael explains to Chidi that everyone in the Good Place has a soulmate, but due to a glitch in the system, he has two. Chidi is responsible for choosing whether Angelique or Pevita is is soulmate. The one he doesn't choose will be Pedro's soulmate.

Chidi goes on dates with both Angelique and Pevita. He and Angelique have an immediate connection, but he and Pevita have nothing in common. Pevita does not seem interested in getting to know him. Chidi, Pedro, Angelique, and Pevita gather to discuss first impressions, and Chidi hesitantly admits that he clicked more with Angelique. Just as he makes his decision, Michael pounds on the window of the restaurant, shouting "WAIT!"

Michael informs them that he figured out the mistake and definitively proved that Pevita is Chidi's soulmate and Angelique is Pedro's soulmate.

Later, the four meet again at the welcome party. Pevita is bitter about Chidi's earlier words. While separated from the group, Chidi is approached by Angelique. He suggests that maybe Michael was wrong and they are meant for each other. She responds, "Please don't make this harder than it is, Chidi." We see Eleanor overhear his name.

Eleanor tells Chidi they need to talk. She pulls him into another room and explains about the note. Eleanor is suspicious of the Good Place and tells Chidi about her meeting with Jason. Chidi says that he has his own problems and doesn't have time to help her. Michael clinks his glass in the next room and announces Eleanor's speech.

Next, we see Tahani's arrival. She meets her soulmate, and makes several Freudian slips about his short height. Michael brings her and her soulmate to their house, which is far smaller than she would prefer. She is about to change clothes for the party when her soulmate tells her that he won't be changing; he's wearing casual clothes. She decides to dress down as well, showing up to the party looking miserable in cargo pants and Crocs.

Michael approaches her at the party, asking if she is okay. She tells him that some things about the Good Place have been sub-optimal, and Michael offers to make any changes she'd like. He says that all the other residents are very happy, so he has plenty of time to help her. She refuses.

We see that Tahani is the person to whom Eleanor pushed the shots. After a man wearing the same cargo pants approaches her, Tahani does the shots.

Eleanor begins to give her speech, but a drunken Tahani interrupts. Eleanor tries to escort her off the stage, but Tahani grabs Eleanor's sash and ends up falling into the shrimp table. The table topples over, and the candles on it start a fire.

We see Jason's arrival. As in the first season, he is mistaken for a Buddhist monk named Jianyu. He is given a best friend as a soulmate, another monk who has taken a vow of silence. Jason is clearly miserable after spending time with him. At the welcome party, Michael tempts Jason by explaining that Janet can get him anything he wants--all he has to do is say the word.

We see Michael make the decision to introduce Eleanor's speech after his evil compatriots inform him that Eleanor is not drinking. He thinks that she's bound to insult someone. We see the same scene of Tahani interrupting Eleanor and setting a fire.

In the aftermath, Chidi grabs Eleanor's arm and leads her to another room. He explains that the page on which Eleanor wrote her note is from a book he used to teach. He believes that somehow, they know each other.

Michael is meeting with his fellow demons. He is frustrated that things didn't go as planned, and he finds out that Eleanor, Chidi, and Jason are all lost. He also finds out that Eleanor's soulmate has used his "going to the gym" excuse nine times to get out of talking to her.

Eleanor and Chidi are together in their former house, trying to process everything.

We see Jason wandering the town square in the dark. He asks for Janet and confesses his secret. He asks if he can go to Janet's house, but she lives in a void. Janet tells him she knows where to take him, and he hugs her. She is confused, but then hugs him back.

Michael shows up at Eleanor and Chidi's old house. Tahani arrives and apologizes for her behavior. Chidi's and Tahani's soulmates both arrive and say "There you are! I've been worried sick about you!" Janet brings Jason, who starts talking about his life on Earth. When Eleanor's soulmate comes and starts to say he's been worried sick about her, Eleanor cuts him off. She's figured out that this is not the Good Place.

Michael plans to erase their memories again, but this time, Eleanor stuffs the note in her own mouth. Michael erases their memories.

In the town square, Michael shows his fellow demons that Janet doesn't have a note in her mouth this time. They ask if he told Shawn about the disaster. He lies and says yes, but we see Shawn call Michael later. Michael lies about the events of the previous night, pretending everything is on track. Shawn reminds him that there will be no attempt number three.

The episode concludes with Eleanor's latest "arrival", with Michael saying, "Eleanor? Come on in."

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