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Shawn and tries to find a way past the judge to ruin the gang's chance of getting into The Good Place.

Tahani gets out of the public eye for a year only to return to reclaim her fame and introduce her new book about getting out of the spotlight. Michael comes to her pretending to be an investor and makes her question her own motives. 

Jason starts competing in dance competitions but grows discouraged when he doesn't win. He goes back to his life of crime but Michael comes to him and plants a new idea in his head

After appearing to both Tahani and Jason separately, Michael convinces them both to go to Australia and join Chidi's new study about near-death experiences and how it affects ethics.

Janet is worried that Michael may be pushing his luck with his trips to Earth. He has appealed to the doorman with the same papers multiple times and it's likely that he will grow suspicious.

The judge could pull the plug as soon as she finds out what's really going on. 

Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason are reunited but none of them remember each other. 

When the study begins, Shawn sends Trevor down to Earth to infiltrate the newly united group. 

The Good Place
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