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Eleanor is frustrated that she has to manipulate Chidi for the sake of the experiment.

Eleanor has different residences tell the neighborhood about themselves. After a woman says that she saved all the ducks and horses in the world, Chidi admits to feeling inadequate. 

Jason goes to Michael for advice about how to make things right with Janet. 

Brent gives an ignorant and insulting speech when he tells the neighborhood about his life. Eleanor realizes making him believe he doesn't belong in The Good Place is going to be more difficult than she originally thought. 

After one of the same stunts the Bad Place did in the past, Brent tells Eleanor and Michael that he doesn't belong in the Good Place. He belongs in an even better place. 

The gang questions Eleanor's leadership abilities, and Eleanor gets upset and quits.

Eleanor breaks down and tells Michael she can't handle being in charge of everyone else's lives. Michael tells Eleanor she's the only one who can save humanity, and Eleanor decides to keep trying. 

Michael and Eleanor tell Brent that there is a better place, and after a morality competition, a select few will get to go. 

Janet breaks up with Jason because she fears their relationship is endangering the experiment. 

Eleanor hopes that Brent will start to do good things out of habit, rather than for a competition. 

Tahani comforts Jason after his breakup. 

Eleanor tells Chidi that he and Simone are soulmates so he can help her realize she's not hallucinating. 

Chidi goes to talk to Simone and the two hit it off. 

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The Good Place Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

I feel a little inadequate.


Michael: This is all good news. Right, team leader?
Eleanor: Yeah, it's super cool that I'm actively surveilling and manipulating an ex-boyfriend. I mean, more so than I usually did.