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This week's episode was a great showcase for Will. He stood up against a federal attorney and accepted a case, even though it meant defending another lawyer that was accused of leaking a witness list to his (drug-dealing) client and assisting in the murder of a witness.

Will showed grit and confidence in federal court, and he also showed that he's willing to go to the outer rim of the law. With the firm in financial difficulties, he argued with Diane in favor of taking the drug dealer on as a client. He would certainly pay well and everyone is entitled to a defense, he said.

By the end of the episode, Will and the firm had helped arrange a deal with the drug dealer - he turned over his associate as the killer, having the man claim he acted on his own and, therefore, getting the firm's client off the hook - but he had turned down Will's advances to be a client. The episode concluded with Will and Diane laughing over the fact that Will basically begged a drug dealer to come aboard.

But how would they actually fix the firm's bottom line? By hiring a third, equal partner, they agreed.

On Alicia's homefront, Peter found condoms in her nightstand drawer. This led to the first real fight between the pair, as Alicia urged Peter to trust her. But that was difficult because Eli came across a number of Tweets from someone that claimed Alicia was sleeping with Will. This infuriated Peter and it caused Eli to track down the source because the Tweets could hurt Peter's political career.

Turns out, they came from Zach's haughty girlfriend. In a great scene, Eli scared her straight... but not straight enough. The episode concluded with her telling Zach to go home with her and with Zach going inside to get the condoms. But they aren't in that drawer anymore. He leaves the apartment, seemingly to still have sex with Becca.

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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Alicia: How about over here? Did you check this drawer?
Peter: What is it you need to hear from me? I will never touch another woman again.
Alicia: What do you want, a prize, Peter? It seems to be the minimum prerequesite.
Peter: For both of us.

I found condoms in your bedside table. I was looking for your letter opener. I thought maybe they belonged to Zach. You know, you found them in his room. But then I thought you wouldn't take them. You'd have a sensible conversation with him about responsibility. So then, I thought they were yours. But that didn't make sense because you have an IUD.