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Alicia's brother showed up again this week, following a break up with his boyfriend. Dallas Roberts played the role quite well, leading to a number of emotional and humorous moments. He'll be crashing at his sister's for a few days.

As for the case of the week, it involved the son of a prominent firm client being accused of murder. Cary got to be involved heavily, telling Will and Diane that he had a deal for the son or the son's girlfriend, whichever flipped on the other. This led a lot of pleading and back and forth, until the son finally confessed to the crime his love committed because she was pregnant with their baby.

The theme of love and breaking up was relevant because Will also found out about Diane's plans to start her own firm (also learning that Alicia possessed this information and didn't tell him). He responded in anger, saying he and Bond never took any steps to force her out - but he would now! Will told Diane not to come to work the next day, as he'd group the equity partners and try to vote her out.

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